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Aboitiz Cleanergy Park celebrates Bonifacio Day with more baby pawikans

Bonifacio Day marked the release of 98 pawikan hatchlings from 2017’s nest number 9 at the Aboitiz Cleanergy Park.

The nest wast discovered in October. Additional hatchlings were also released back to the sea in the following days, bringing the total year-to-date pawikans released from the park to 1,238. There is now a total of 3,114 baby pawikans released from the park since the efforts to protect and incubate these endangered species began in 2014.

As of December, two more pawikan nests discovered in 2017 have yet to hatch.

The Aboitiz Cleanergy Park is an eight-hectare ecological preserve located in Punta Dumalag, Davao City, co-managed by the Aboitiz Foundation and Davao Light. It showcases urban-based habitat conservation and biodiversity management and is one of the few identified nesting sites of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata).