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Aboitiz is Fit 4 U: The A-People Engagement Program flies to Cebu!

Kevin Hirang | October 18, 2018

The Fit 4 U: A-People Engagement Program seeks to improve team member engagement by addressing their four basic human needs (need to belong, give back, learn, and provide) as conceptualized by Stephen Covey. Last October 6, Cebu team members witnessed several talks and activities that helped familiarize them with what these four needs mean to them as A-People.

The program kicked off with welcoming remarks from Txabi Aboitiz, the Chief Human Resource Officer for the Aboitiz Group. In his speech, Txabi highlighted the importance of people and culture in building a great workplace, citing HR’s role in helping team members become the best versions of themselves at work.

It is only logical that we do our best to ensure that full and holistic support is extended to our team members, so that in turn, you may be able to become the best version of yourselves at work and contribute to fulfilling our collective purpose and promise: to drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities.

Txabi Aboitiz
Chief Human Resource Officer
Aboitiz Group

Need to Belong

The need to belong fosters the feeling of fulfillment and pride to be part of something bigger than themselves. Ruben Licera, a seasoned motivational speaker and digital marketing professional, gave his talk entitled “Finding Your Why”. He dished out his thoughts on how finding one’s purpose would help them make more meaningful contributions in the things they do every day.

Aside from the talk, booths from several A-Corporate Partners and Aboitiz A-Clubs (interest clubs) were placed around the venue where team members could sign up and avail of exclusive promos and discounts.

Need to Provide

The need to provide focuses on being financially aware, self-sufficient, and proactive. Conie de Castro, the Investor Center Head for COL Financial, delivered her talk on “Stock Market 101”, which gave team members a glimpse into the ins and outs of trading stocks. She gave a brief overview of how their platform can be used to buy and sell stocks, and even get a live update of stock market performance. Team Members were given the opportunity to open their accounts as a sign-up booth was also available on site.

Need to Learn

The need to learn promotes continuous and self-driven learning as a means of personal and professional development. As part of their personal development, team members were given tips on how they can start crafting their own travel itinerary without breaking the bank. The talk was prepared by KKday, a leading e-commerce travel platform headquartered in Taiwan. Special prizes were also given to team members who were able to answer the trivia questions correctly.


The Fit 4 U: A-People Engagement Program is a continuous employee engagement initiative that seeks to promote a holistic view of wellness, engagement, and self-development. It was recognized with a Professional Award of Merit by the International Association of Business Communicators during the 16th Philippine Quill Awards held last July 9. Watch out for the next Fit 4 U activity coming to an office near you!