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Aboitiz Foundation hits first quarter milestones

The year 2017 has changed our discourse on the role of CSR in advancing business and communities. Together, we charted a path towards co-creating safer, more empowered, and sustainable communities. The warm welcome of the first quarter of 2018 proves that we are on the right track. We expect that throughout the year, we will continue to focus on issues and initiatives that matter to our stakeholders, most especially to our communities.

While 2017 highlighted our shared vision of #BetterWorld communities and unified strategy of integrated, solution-focused, and holistic projects; 2018 will focus on our alignment to local and national development targets and the development of the 2020 Roadmap. More and more, our conversations will be geared towards two things: 1) bringing about a culture that longs to provide long-term value to our stakeholders, and 2) creating experiences that our communities will treasure as we aim to help them live better lives.

As we begin the second quarter of 2018, we are proud to report the following first-quarter milestones on our program pillars:

On Education, we devoted the first quarter to enhance our education-related projects and initiatives, specifically on the college scholarship program, internship, and TechVoc. We are scheduled to present our plans to the Board of Trustees and we will soon cascade the approved plans.

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On Enterprise Development, we have a number of activities completed:

  • Established four additional community bakeries through our partner cooperatives. We have eight community-based bakeries as of today.
  • Marawi Project for Agri-Entrepreneurship with Go Negosyo has been approved.
  • MOA signed among Aboitiz Foundation, AboitizLand, and AboitizPower (APRI) with San Pedro MPC and TESDA  Batangas for an integrated Masonry Training session.
  • More portfolio approach and integrated projects have been conceptualized. These include the BRICK Project of TSI, Davao Light and Aboitiz Foundation, Mahalin Pagkaing Atin project with DAR, Pilmico, Luzon Hydro, and Aboitiz Foundation, and Corn Production and Consolidation with Pilmico, DAR, and Aboitiz Foundation.

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On Environment, we secured the participation of University of the Philippines’ Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) for the conduct of the Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management Training (CBDRRM) with WeatherPhilippines and Aboitiz Foundation. UP NOAH will discuss the modules of the GIS-based multi-hazard mapping.

In addition to these first quarter achievements, we also created the CSR Forum Committee, which is composed of selected BU CSR heads who will help us develop the program and activities of our annual forum.

In two weeks, we will start with our CSR Roadshow. I am more than excited to learn about the situations in your respective communities so that we can explore our strategic points of intervention in terms of CSR and ABC.



As our family in the Aboitiz Foundation gets bigger with our integration with the WeatherPhilippines Foundation and Weather Solutions, I am confident that in our case, getting bigger means getting better. In this day and age of greater inclusive innovation and digital transformation, we will creatively think of more ways to engage people and inspire them to participate in our ABC journey. But I reach out to you for your continued support as our responsibilities also become heavier. Only with your help; only with the collaboration of many passionate hearts and brilliant minds, we can reach our goals.



Maribeth Marasigan

Aboitiz Foundation