Aboitiz Foundation launches into cause-oriented digital space

AE Team | September 19, 2018

The Aboitiz ABC Summit served as a venue to introduce two new initiatives: the new Weather Solutions mobile application and KINDer, Aboitiz Foundation’s crowdfunding platform. Presented by Susan Valdez, Aboitiz Foundation and WeatherPhilippines Foundation President, and Jojo Guingao, AEV Chief Digital Officer, both projects demonstrate how the connection between people and technology is advancing business and communities in the digital space.  


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The Aboitiz Group, in realizing the significance of weather in business value chains, launched Weather Solutions in 2017 as the first weather-centric social enterprise in the country, one that offers available historical and real-time weather data, forecasting, and consulting services to organizations across various industries.

Knowing weather patterns enables an organization to make the right decisions at the right time, maximize opportunities and mitigate risks, and enhance financial performance. Its industry-specific solutions is a partnership between Weather Solutions and Weathernews, Inc., the world’s largest private weather service company.

In retail, for example, knowing what products to sell at certain periods can help businesses better address seasonal customer demand. For air, land, and sea transportation, accurate weather information helps in predicting weather disturbances that impacts routing and passenger safety.

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While WeatherPhilippines seeks to help people understand and appreciate weather’s impact on people’s everyday lives through our #WeatherWiser campaign, Weather Solutions aims to fill the massive gap in the country’s delivery of weather services specific to businesses.


Among the functional tools Weather Solutions intends to offer in the future is to make the app user-driven. The crowdsourced data will allow people to monitor geo-specific weather updates, bringing an interactive, gamified and relevant approach to using weather information. We attract the likes of Waze, Grab, MyCab, AirBnB, and other app-based services for our crowdsourced weather-related data.

– Susan Valdez
Aboitiz Foundation
WeatherPhilippines Foundation

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Through WeatherPhilippines and Weather Solutions, we in the Aboitiz Group believe that our ability to help in disaster risk reduction and to use weather-oriented technologies to aid socio-economic development is a crucial part of our promise to advance business and communities.

The Weather Solutions app is FREE to download on:






Be KINDer Everyday

To celebrate its 30th birthday, Aboitiz Foundation brings to life a platform that allows everyone to be part of various social cause campaigns, sharing opportunities to help create a kinder world in just a few clicks. As your Netflix for advocacies, KINDer offers limitless ways of doing good. It connects us to inspiring stories behind the social causes and makes us part of the collective efforts that change lives positively.

Go to

Each of the campaigns on KINDer has been well-thought-of to ensure that our concerted efforts will impact the lives of our partners and/or the communities that we assist. This impact and the support of every Filipino made more caring by KINDer. We continuously update our list to include a variety of causes, allowing you to find the cause that will perfectly match your personal advocacies.

How can we use KINDer?

If you are part of a civic organization or an NGO, KINDer will be very useful to attract donors and advocates that will contribute to your campaigns and help you reach your goals, allowing you to further contribute to driving change for a better world. KINDer gives you that chance to exercise kindness — giving it the uplifting power and wings to reach communities even in places you probably haven’t been to.


KINder is a fundraising site where anyone can start and manage campaigns, engage with supporters, and support important causes.KINder enables all of us to be agents of social progress. Every one of us can help uplift lives, and help people. With KINder, you will be able to take part in social causes that are interesting to you.

– Jojo Guingao
Chief Digital Officer
Aboitiz Equity Ventures


AEV Chief Digital Officer Jojo Guingao demos the KINDer crowdfunding platform at the Aboitiz ABC Summit 2018.

How does it work?

Browse through the KINDer campaigns
Choose a campaign that appeals to you the most
Choose an amount to donate or just click Donate
Key in your basic info and click Continue
Type in your credit card details, and finally, Click Donate. Please note that you will be charged with platform and bank fees, which go to our partners.
Upon completing your donation, you will receive an email notification of your successful donation.


Watch the KINDer video below: