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Aboitiz Group extends assistance to displaced citizens of Marawi

The Aboitiz Group, through the Aboitiz Foundation and Pilmico, the group’s business unit in Iligan, continues to provide relief goods to the people of Marawi in the form of high-energy biscuits.

Distribution of Pilmico’s The Care Package High Energy Biscuits began on May 24, and to date, a total of 70,000 packs have been donated to various groups to help provide food for affected families. One ready-to-eat food pack is equivalent to one meal, or 450 calories, to provide for one’s energy and nutrition needs per day.

In the week of June 19, Aboitiz is set to distribute another 35,000 high-energy biscuit packs, of which 14,000 will be given to the Department of Education. This will bring the group’s total donation to more than 100,000 packs worth PHP4.2 million, benefiting 20,000 families.

GIVING NUTRITION WHEREVER IT IS MOST NEEDED. Each ready-to-eat pack of biscuits is equivalent to one full meal or 450 calories, making The Care Package an efficient source of energy in times of disaster and crisis.

The Aboitiz Group is currently planning to take part in helping rebuild Marawi, assessing how best to help the city recover and get back on its feet once the conflict is resolved. The group is committed to always lend a helping hand to our fellow Filipinos who are in need of prompt assistance. At the heart of the support we give, and driven by our core value of responsibility, we strive to make sure we are always the first to respond to the call of our partner communities during these uncertain circumstances.