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EIA’s New Year Message 2019




Happy New Year, fellow team members!

I’m excited to welcome you all back and trust that you took advantage of a well-deserved Christmas break to spend time with loved ones and reflect with gratitude on the past year.

For us in Aboitiz, we are thankful for the milestones and major business developments in 2018 across our power, banking, food, infrastructure, and land business units. Alongside our efforts in support of our strategic growth objectives and commitment to corporate social responsibility, we continued to deepen our role in helping communities across our country improve their lives and build a better future. Clearly, we are on the right track, thanks to your strong commitment to driving change for a better world by advancing business and communities.

In all that we achieve together, it is important that our daily actions and decisions are grounded on our core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility — values that shape our character and culture as an organization – what we call the Aboitiz Way.

Our ability to preserve the Aboitiz Way is one of the fundamental factors behind our sustained success over the past 100 years. Now that our business continues to evolve and expand beyond borders, it will be important to retain the best of a successful past while making adjustments in what we do and how we do it to future-proof Aboitiz to thrive in a VUCA world.  Having a wealth of talent across our people, and a committed workforce of 31,000 across the Group has helped us successfully manage our businesses through the years.

Another significant factor for the Aboitiz Group’s unique ability to carry on forward is the seamless succession and transition to our next generation of leaders.

Last December, our Board of Directors announced the appointment of AEV Chief Operating Officer Sabin Aboitiz as our next Group President & CEO upon my retirement at the end of 2019. Over the last 32 years, Sabin has held multiple positions across the Group and we have full confidence that he will lead our company’s successful future in ways that uphold our legacy of the past and deliver on our purpose for the future.

This year, I will pass on responsibilities over to Sabin and I am counting on your continued support through this transition process.  Likewise, this being my final New Year message as your Group CEO, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for the privilege of leading a truly remarkable group of individuals. The past ten years as your CEO, and the last 41 years as a team member of the Aboitiz Group, has been a time of extraordinary excitement and fulfillment for me.

In 2019, we will remain focused on our long-term strategic goals while nurturing a renewed collaboration across the Aboitiz Group.  We will continue to prepare ourselves for risk and opportunities behind disruptive technology and evolving business models that could affect our businesses.  

We will expand our energy portfolio to drive down costs and drive efficiencies up; capitalize on technology to reach more of the unbanked segment; harness synergies in the food value chain as we grow our international footprint; continue to support nation building by taking part in our government’s infrastructure program; and step-up on our strategy towards becoming a national player in residential, commercial, and industrial land development.  

In closing, let us begin this year with gratitude for the remarkable work we have accomplished together and brace ourselves for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Maraming salamat.

Happy New Year to all!