Midyear CSR Forum 2017
Group Photo at Midyear CSR Forum 2017


CSR Mid-year Forum: Aboitiz Group takes CSR to the next level

Amy Malaluan | July 31, 2017


Exciting things are ahead for the Aboitiz CSR Group as it continues its journey to drive change for a better world. The interactive and fun-filled Midyear CSR Forum 2017, organized by the Aboitiz Foundation, introduces a shift in development program’s strategies towards co-creating safe, empowered, and sustainable communities. The forum also showed the Foundation’s commitment to work more closely with the BUs in elevating the CSR initiatives.

Susan Valdez

Corporate Social Responsibility, one of the key dimensions in building our reputation, gives meaning to our work. We will continue to strive to do more while adhering to our core values and following the Aboitiz Way.

-Susan Valdez, President, Aboitiz Foundation

During the forum, Aboitiz Foundation imparted the value of developing sustainable CSR projects that benefit both our community-partners as well of the Aboitiz business units– truly advancing our collective strategy of advancing business and communities. Moving forward, CSR partners will be mindful in developing projects that are community-driven, solution-focused and sustainable, area-focused, resource-based, market-driven, environmentally-friendly, and measurable.

Maribeth Marasigan

Together, we will innovate and differentiate. We build on our passion for better ways. I encourage you to open your minds and hearts, and challenge yourselves to think differently to develop the communities that we envision.

-Maribeth Marasigan, FVP and COO, Aboitiz Foundation


Learning CSR made fun by the Aboitiz Foundation!

Day 01 of the Forum encouraged creative presentation of CSR project ideas, from storytelling, game shows, news reports, and dramatization. Day 02 saw the launch of the new and improved MOSYS Project Management System that will bring further change to CSR systems and processes.

This year’s forum is very interactive and is not the usual… I love it… <3 #AboitizCSRMidYearForum2017.

-Marigold Lebumfacil, Therma Visayas, Inc.

Midyear CSR Forum

Midyear CSR Forum

From someone whose responsibility is to communicate and share what our organization is doing good to the outside world (public), it is very important for me to understand the WHY and HOW in the CSR part of things. #IcanSeeClearlyNow #AboitizCSRMidyearForum2017.

-Thet Mesias, Aboitiz Equity Ventures

The CSR Forum definitely got my attention and participation the whole day. Kudos to MLM and the Aboitiz Foundation for coming up with engaging and exciting workshops and activities! Inspired to create a #BetterWorld! <3

-Paula Ruelan, City Savings Bank

It’s 4pm but momentum is still up!!! Very well-planned. Kudos to the AFI team!

-Noreen Vicencio, AboitizLand


Today is a great start and opportunity for all BUs to put head and hearts together to solve community issues, anticipate future disasters, and empower them to keep their own turf safe and progressive. If all do this we help make a sustainable community and country #AboitizCSRForum2017 #AboitizBetterWorld.

-Apol Castro, Pilmico


We have the special, very humbling privilege to serve people. We can actually change the lives of our communities. We have the resources to do so. It is up to all of us to carry this on.

-Ria Calleja, AboitizPower

Midyear CSR forum

midyear CSR Forum

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