Aboitiz Group’s CSR: Stepping up to add greater shared value

Amy Chua | Dec. 13, 2017

The Aboitiz Group has stepped up to a new level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)!

Embracing the brand promise of advancing business and communities by co-creating safe, empowered, and sustainable communities, CSR representatives of various Aboitiz Business Units are determined to develop and implement development projects that are integrated, inclusive, and solution-focused.

The recent CSR Year-End Forum held at the Makati Diamond Residences and organized by the Aboitiz Foundation highlighted presentations of integrated CSR programs that link various projects towards achieving a larger and more sustainable impact. From well-meaning philanthropic projects, the CSR strategy of the Aboitiz Group has evolved into ABC: Advancing Business and Communities, while staying true to the purpose of driving change for a better world.

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Today the process has changed. Gone are the days that we plan projects in the office. We have to go out and immerse ourselves to the communities because each community is different. We and our host community should work together to make the project successful.
–Charity Marohombsar, AboitizLand Vice President for Industrial Business Unit, Commercial Business Unit and CSR


Advancing Business and Communities (ABC) means that we are powering progress and energizing lives, elevating lives through smart banking, providing people with better way to live in, cultivating relationships with our partners to ensure the sustainability of the food chain, and setting a strong foundation for communities and beyond.
–Maribeth Marasigan, Aboitiz Foundation First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

CSR projects for 2018 and beyond will thus, highlight collaboration among the Business Units who share the same host communities and more meaningful engagement of various stakeholders. The integrated CSR projects featured include the  following:

  • Power Generation (Coal) Business Units (BUs) – Flyash Brick Project
  • Power Generation (Oil) BUs – Support to the Department of Education’s Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Project
  • Power Generation (Hydro) BUs – Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Power Generation (Geothermal and Solar) BUs – HEARTBEATS Project – Harnessing Employees Abilities and Resourcefulness to Build Teamwork, Engage Stakeholders, and Enhance TMs Trust
  • Aboitiz Power Distribution – Integrated Projects: Project BEST, Project e.Lab + Project Belt.CoM
  • Power Distribution Utilities Enerzones – Powering a Safer and Better Life through Electricity Program

The Forum’s afternoon workshop allowed BUs in the same region to share best practices, inputs, and/or resources and develop area-based CSR projects.

Aboitiz Group team members may view the integrated CSR projects presented by visiting the Aboitiz Foundation’s AGORA page.


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