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Aboitiz Women’s Club: The Renaissance

Meccah Jane Santiago | July 12, 2019

The Aboitiz Women’s Club (AWC) was created to promote women empowerment across the Aboitiz Group. By being involved in various activities that would develop them not just professionally but also on a deeply personal level, club members will be able to establish and grow their network and strengthen their relationships across the Group.


All things must come to an end so that something bigger and greater may begin. The rise of Aboitiz Women’s Club (AWC) is one of the examples. AWC a rebirth of the renowned Aboitiz Association of Secretaries (AASEC), a distinguished club based in Cebu. Now, the club is opening its doors to all A-Women across the group.

A-Women, Assemble!

Last May 17, the club conducted its first general assembly in a relaxing and pampering session at Elements Salon, Holiday Spa Hotel. AWC President Marinel E. Mangubat, also a former member of AASEC, gave a talk on the Club’s background and purpose, as well as the upcoming activities the Club would like to spearhead.

Part of the program was the induction of newly chosen officers and members’ oath of commitment to the Club.

The event is also to celebrate the mothers in the club, just in time for Mother’s Day. 

After the program proper, A-Women had the time to enjoy, relax and bond with each other.


A-Women reached out

One of the discussions during the general assembly is to conduct a CSR activity. The Club observed that most of the initiatives were focused on the pupils, classrooms, and schools in general. A-Women came up with the idea of initiating a program mainly benefiting the teachers. Thus, the birth of Adopt-a-Teacher, which was borne out of and in partnership with the Adopt-a-Pupil program. It was a coincidence that the teachers of the chosen school were all women.

In preparation, the Club purchased basic school supplies, made time to gather and help the packing of the kits for the upcoming activity. 



The Club gifted teacher’s kits to the 23 hardworking teachers of Agsungot Integrated School situated in the mountains of Talamban, Cebu. This was a simultaneous activity with Adopt-a-Pupil last June 15.



The main objective of AWC is to empower women. Adopt-a-Teacher activity was the Club’s way of empowering and acknowledging the teachers of Agungot, reminding them that their hard work is appreciated as well.

The Club hopes these kits will give the teachers a head start in the SY 2019-2020. The kits may just be little and far from what the teachers truly need but for the A-Women, this is a step.


After the turnover, the wonderful teachers prepared refreshments not just for the volunteers of Adopt-a-Pupil but also for the A-Women. Bonding and eating time!

Ready to join us?

This is just one of the few activities the AWC would love to lead.  If you are interested and fully committed to join the Club, you may contact Marinel Mangubat or Meccah Jane Santiago. Let us empower other women together, A-Women! Because… EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN!

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