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An Hour of R2R with EIA

Aboitiz Eyes Team | July 8, 2018

In the latest episode of An Hour of R2R, Aboitiz Group President & CEO Erramon Aboitiz sat down with host Lorenne Alejandrino (AEV Reputation Management) to discuss resource efficiency, the organization’s platforms in support of it as well as his own “life hacks” to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

R2R, or Race to Reduce, is the Aboitiz Group’s resource efficiency and carbon footprint reduction umbrella program that aims to instill among team members the importance of the Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse (3Rs) mindset to the environment. The program was held on July 4 at the a.Lab Digital Studio and was livestreamed on AGORA where it has, as of this writing, logged over 1,400 views. Also joining EIA in the studio by Aboitiz Group sustainability stewards from AEV, AboitizLand, Pilmico, Aboitiz Foundation, and UnionBank.

Read on for some highlights.


On A-Park

  • The six million trees planted so far captures close to 120,000 tons of CO2 from 2003 to 2020. If you look at how much electricity we consume in our offices, it’s about 52,000 [tons] for the same period. The carbon we are actually capturing through the trees that we plant is already more than the electricity we use in our offices. That is a major achievement but it’s about “what more can we do?”
  • We monitor power, water, and paper consumption across the Group but this is an area we should try to see how we can further reduce consumption because, for example, I still see airconditioners and lights on in conference rooms not being used.
  • Sustainability is about changing our mindset and changing our lifestyle.

EIA’s R2R Journey

  • We used to do a lot of carpooling. We used to carpool with the family of Tito Ortiz (UnionBank Chairman) who lived in front of us. Every day, we used to pile into a car to go to school. We were probably eight to ten people in a car. If you look at it now you’d say “how did we fit?”
  • I always use scratch paper and that’s something I got from my father. He used to get scratch paper cut it into 1/4 or 1/8 sheets and use that to type his notes. You never got a note from my father that was from a clean sheet of paper or stationery.
  • There is such a thing as an “Aboitiz envelope” – taking a used envelope, crossing out the names with a marker, and reusing it for someone else. You would actually see envelopes that were used several times.

Is sustainable costly?

eia screenshot 2

  • There are situations where you have to invest to get the [sustainable] technology. You have to calculate whether it’s worth your investment but the payback comes fast.
  • We changed all our aircons, refrigerators, and freezers to inverters and reduced the number of them in use. I got a visit from VECO because they saw that my electricity consumption dropped so much they thought I was pilfering! They checked my meter  and found out that it was really because we changed all the appliances and did all of that.
  • You switch off your TV and think it’s not consuming electricity but it is because there is a phantom load that makes it easy to go on once you click.

More Takeaways

carlo r2r
AboitizLand’s Carlo Tenerife asked whether EIA preferred to recycle more or consume less.
  • It’s really being smart about [resource efficiency] and not being wasteful. APRI has stopped printing in color and has saved hundreds of thousands of pesos from it.
  • We should start looking at installing solar panels in our facilities as a way of reducing our consumption of electricity. We already started doing that at our head office in Cebu and we want to see how that works out and something we should be replicating across the Group.



Watch EIA’s full interview below: