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A-Clubs in Focus: Gaining Momentum With The Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team

The Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team (ADBT), an A-Club that prides itself in being driven to excel and serve, once again made it to the semifinals of the recent ‘Dragons in Argao 5’ competition held at Maayo Stay in Argao, Cebu last September 22. The team finished strong in the 200-meter mixed category with a best time of 1:05:05 after competing against premiere and seasoned dragon boat teams.

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SWAG Talks Success Through the Eyes of Happiness

According to LinkedIn, success is the status of having achieved and accomplished an aim or objective. Beyond words, what does success truly mean? Is it the amount of money in your bank account or the feeling of being able to provide? Is it your position title or is it the number of people you inspire? Each one of us can have our own meaning of success, but what is the secret behind finding success through the eyes of happiness?

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Celebrating Recognition Night With A Kaleidoscope Of Achievements

The Aboitiz Recognition Night, one of the most anticipated events in the Aboitiz Group, pays homage to the dedicated service excellence, exceptional loyalty and hard work, and the invaluable contributions our A-People have accomplished each year. With this year’s theme of “Spectrum”, team members decked out in a band of colors, representing the different backgrounds, roles, personalities, interests, and points of view, yet finding meaning in the Group’s common purpose and our unique culture, the Aboitiz Way.

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Coffee with EIA 2019: Coming full circle by “Driving a Culture of Values”

What do you get when you mix a cup of coffee with meaningful conversations? A fun and engaging get together we call Coffee with EIA. As one of the highly anticipated events of the year, the town hall event was an engaging opportunity for A-People as AEV President & CEO Erramon Aboitiz took the time to chat with and get team members’ thoughts and opinions on matters concerning the organization.

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Spreading Mental Health Awareness Among A-People

The topic of mental health has been gaining a lot of global attention in the past couple of years. With President Duterte recently signing the National Mental Health Policy into law, a lot of institutions and organizations have been reviewing health benefits and conducting awareness talks in order to help break the social stigma attached to the subject.

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A Hero in Disguise: My Super A-Dad 2019

A father’s love can mold tiny dust into a bright star. A lot of us may wonder how fathers are able to bring their households to a better future, shouldering the weight that will create a wonderful path for loved ones. They have huge responsibilities at home and in the corporate world and may sometimes be in disguise of a person in a suit.

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Aboitiz Women’s Club: The Renaissance

The Aboitiz Women’s Club (AWC) was created to promote women empowerment across the Aboitiz Group. It aims to empower women by making them involved in various activities that would develop them, not just professionally but also in a deeply personal level, that will furthermore allow them to establish their network and strengthen relationships across the Group.