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Better Lives for Farmers from the Land of Dreamweavers

In the country today, there is an increasing awareness among companies and various organizations that it is not enough to provide one-time donations to effect lasting and positive change in the lives of people.

Understanding the value of more strategic solutions to address the community needs, the Aboitiz Foundation, with the Aboitiz business units, work to implement sustainable and solution-focused projects. Today, partnerships are being forged to achieve this.

Recently, the Aboitiz Foundation and Pilmico Foods Corporation, The food business unit of the Aboitiz Group, partnered with the Department of Agrarian Reform to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for more farmers in the country, as well as help improve the country’s agricultural sector. Strategic in its approaches, the partnership started working at the community level and identified nine Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) in South Cotabato for the livelihood projects. These ARBs from three barangays of Surallah, South Cotabato will receive three piglets for fattening; two sets egg machines with galvanized cages for ready-to-lay chickens; feed consumption for a month; and technical assistance on animal production. This partnership project is part Pilmico’s “Mahalin Pagkaing Atin” program, which aims to promote sustainable livelihood for backyard farmers and aspiring farmer-entrepreneurs through the promotion of local produce. This is also part of the Aboitiz Foundation’s development strategy of co-creating safe, empowered, and sustainable communities.

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“It will be exciting to hear your stories of success in the coming months. The Aboitiz Foundation and all the business units of the Aboitiz Group are committed to empower you and build your capabilities to be self-reliant.”

-Maribeth Marasigan, First Vice President and COO, Aboitiz Foundation

“We are thankful to Pilmico for choosing South Cotabato farmers as beneficiaries of their project. So far, we are the only province in Central Mindanao chosen by the company, and I am hopeful that farmers from other provinces will also benefit from their program.”

-H. Roldan Ali, Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II

“We will make sure to take care of the livelihood project donated by Pilmico as it will surely increase our income and will elevate the lives of our family and our community.”

-Gloria Aguilar, beneficiary

As the province of South Cotabato, known as the Land of Dreamweavers, has been recognized as the Philippines’ most competitive province according to the latest competitiveness rankings released by the National Competitiveness Council, the partners have high hopes that this project will lead to increase in income of the assisted ARBs.

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