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Blockchain Institute aims to raise a blockchain-skilled talent community

Kevin Villacrucis | October 18, 2018

In UnionBank, people are at the heart of the business and the Bank’s strategy includes continuous upskilling and future proofing of its people through training and development via UnionBank University. The program allows UnionBankers to stay relevant by enrolling in core and digital courses to build capabilities such as digital delivery, data analytics, agile ways of working, and a lot more.

The Bank also collaborates with several open source talent communities where start-ups work with our tribes and squads to develop products and solutions. Seeing that skill and capability gaps in the current workforce, specifically in blockchain development, the Bank created the Blockchain Institute



Blockchain Institute is a six-month program to equip developers to learn capabilities focused on the blockchain. It is the Bank’s solution to the scarcity of blockchain talents in the current ecosystem. Learning about blockchain is just one of the many components of the program. It is an innovation lab that offers not coding and development but also actual use cases in the organization and provides working blockchain solutions. This gives them a chance to solve real problems that mere joining a seminar or an online course can’t provide.


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Sourcing these talents were done via social media wherein 500 potential cadets signed up within three days. Chosen cadets’ competencies are of information technology, computer science, and engineering from different universities and colleges in the country. Apart from the basic computing skills, the Bank also assessed the cadets based on their passion for innovation, resiliency, and their personal values. These cadets must be aligned to the Bank’s Integrity, Magis for doing more, better, and greater, and Ubuntu for team spirit and collaboration.




The Institute brings the Bank’s move being digital to a whole new level. In fact, this will generate more products and solutions using blockchain technology. These blockchain cadets will own the future by co-creating innovations for a better world.


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