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Building a more sustainable organizational structure

Cognizant of the internal changes in the organization that will take place in the near future and the shifting external realities in the Philippine markets, Aboitiz has set into motion a leadership restructuring to better carry out goals and strategies.

In light of this, Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) and AboitizPower (AP) have identified key areas of change, underpinning a prudent vision to transform Aboitiz into a truly sustainable enterprise.

Retirement of Txabi Aboitiz and Appointment of Susan Valdez

After celebrating 36 purposeful years of service in the Aboitiz Group, we wish to announce the early retirement of Txabi Aboitiz as AEV Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) by the end of 2018.

To succeed Txabi, we are pleased to announce that Susan V. Valdez has been appointed as the organization’s new CHRO. The search took into consideration the transformation of the workplace and the new demands for a CHRO role. Susan brings with her 37 years of experience within the Aboitiz Group, handling various functions and C-suite roles. Her wealth of experience, keen understanding of the business and profound knowledge of the organization will be critical to the success in carrying out her new role.

Txabi ably steered HR to global standards and forged the HR strategic pillars of Attract, Optimize, and Retain our A-People, which became the bedrock of all HR programs and initiatives across the Group. His keen HR foresight enabled the Group to reach significant milestones in entrenching a strong sense of culture and leadership in the organization.

– Erramon I. Aboitiz, President and CEO, Aboitiz Group

With mutual consent, this change of guards will take effect on January 1, 2019. Susan will report to Sabin Aboitiz, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AEV. The six-month turnover between Txabi and Susan will begin in July 2018.

Consequently, this transition leads to changes in the AEV organization structure.


Changes in AEV’s organizational and leadership structure

Excerpt from the message of Erramon I. Aboitiz, President and CEO, AEV

Data Science and Analytics. Recognizing the growing importance of data science and analytics for business intelligence and strategic decision making, we are introducing this new field of work and competence in the organization. Sabin is getting the help of Edwin Bautista, President and CEO of UnionBank, who agreed to share the Bank’s expertise in this field in the person of Marita Bueno who is currently the Senior Vice President and Head of Data Science and Analytics.

Digital Management. Jojo Guingao will take on the role of Chief Digital Officer. He will oversee both the Digital Management Team and the Information Technology Team. His new designation will enable him to fully carry out the role of leading the Aboitiz Group’s digital strategy and transformation. With our digital transformation journey, it will make sense to integrate IT and Digital for alignment and resource maximization. Hoton Elicano, First Vice President and Chief Technology Officer and his team will be placed under Jojo’s leadership and direction.

External Affairs. We are now consolidating Reputation and Government Relations under one team and leadership. David Jude Sta. Ana will take on the newly expanded role of Chief External Affairs Officer. DJ will continue to report directly to Sabin Aboitiz. Malou Marasigan, Vice President, Reputation and the Reputation Team will be reporting to DJ.

Risk Management. Annacel Natividad, First Vice President and Chief Risk Officer will take on the Physical Asset Security. Andy Torrato will report to Annacel Natividad. Annacel will be directly accountable to Sabin Aboitiz.

Legal Management Services. The Legal Management Team will be moved backed under the Office of the Chief Finance Officer. Atty. Manuel Colayco, First Vice President and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer will report to Dmi Lozano, Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer. Dmi will remain as Chair of the Legal and Compliance Committee.

Corporate Services. The position of Chief Corporate Services Officer will cease to exist as the function is now distributed among Dmi, DJ, Annacel, and Jojo. Sabin will continue to chair the Corporate Services Mancom.

Aboitiz Foundation/WeatherPhilippines/Weather Solutions. Maribeth Marasigan, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Aboitiz Foundation will assume the role of COO of WeatherPhilippines Foundation and Weather Solutions. She will continue to report to Susan Valdez who will carry on with her role as President of Aboitiz Foundation, when she takes on the position of Chief Human Resources Officer.


From this point onwards, we will see these teams undergo and transition between these leaders. Let us take this as a great opportunity to show our support and practice the Aboitiz value of Teamwork and Responsibility as we help make this transition a seamless and successful one for all.



Changes in AP’s organizational and leadership structure 

Excerpt from the message of Antonio R. Moraza, President and COO, AboitizPower

AboitizPower, too, will be undergoing a number of changes in its organizational structure. The changes will be vital to the company’s sustainability, reflecting a clearer rationalization of roles to build a stronger AP.

The Office of the President will focus on the mid- to long-term goals and strategies, investments and programs. The team will also craft policies that will impact the organization on a long-term basis.

We believe that for AP to remain as one of the leading energy player, we need a team focused on strengthening our position. Luis Miguel Aboitiz, as Chief Strategy Officer, will be responsible for the formulation, communication, execution of AP’s strategies. His team will look at opportunities, disruptors, trends and technologies and how these will impact the business. His former position as Corporate Business Group COO will be dissolved. The teams reporting to him will be distributed to the teams of strategy, corporate services, and the office of the AP COO.

Robert McGregor and his team will continue to be in charge of looking for international business opportunities and all prospective mergers and acquisitions. As Chief Investment Officer, Robert will work very closely with the strategy and BD and PD&E teams.

Manny Rubio will replace Antonio Moraza as AP COO. The role is responsible for the formulation of short- to mid-term operational strategies and execution of optimization programs.

Aside from the Generation (Gen) and Distribution Utilities (DU) Business Group COOs, the following will directly work with Manny:

Energy Trading & Sales and Retail Energy Suppliers (ETS-RES) – We believe that putting ETS-RES under the same leadership as Gen and DU will strengthen our ability to capture the commercial strategies and synergies. ETS-RES team will continue to be led by Sandro Aboitiz.

Business Development and Project Development & Execution (BD-PD&E) – This team will activity pursue and develop the renewable energy business opportunities in the Philippines. Aside from this, the BD-PD&E team will continue to develop and build greenfield power plants, serve as technical experts for our AP BUs, and partner with other Aboitiz Group SBUs as development and execution team. Currently, Donald Lane is turning over the management and leadership of the team to Chris Sangster.

AP Legal – The team led by Joseph Gonzales will continue to give legal services to the different BUs and CSUs. It also serves as AP’s conduit to AEV’s legal team. With the recent changes in AEV’s legal and Compliance, AP Legal will now look into enterprise compliance. As discussions with AEV happen, AP Legal will update the organization on the details of this new function.

Corporate Services – This is a new team to be headed by Ana Aleta. Their mandate is to define frameworks, develop standards with AP BUs and generate optimum value through services in the following areas: Supply Chain, SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality), Business Process, Information Systems and Administration.

Lino Bernardo, President/COO of APRI is promoted to AP Generation Business Group COO. Lino will develop programs that will allow our generating plants to transform from reliability/availability to predictive state.

Basti Lacson will be the new APRI President/COO. Aside form the geothermal power plants, Basti will also handle our first solar power plant, Sacasun. He will explore how we can growt the existing geothermal and solar business units.

Danel Aboitiz will be the new Coal Group’s President/COO. Through Danel’s stewardship, we will optimize our operating power plants and strengthen our relationship with our partners in our numerous coal power plant joint ventures.

Celso Caballero III, SVP for Operations & Maintenance of the Oil Group will be promoted to replace Danel as President/COO of the Oil Group. Celso is part of the transformation team of the Oil Group. He will continue to look into other opportunities for the Oil Group given the challenges in the market.

AP Audit. Currently, there are three distinct audit teams in AP: Gen Audit, DU Audit, and AEV Audit, which is responsible for the CSUs in the AP Corp level. These teams will now be merged into one under the Office of the President and will be headed by Jun Nicanor.

These changes are vital to our sustainability given the challenges in the market and prepare us for internal changes that are set to happen in the next two to three years. We believe this structure reflects a clearer rationalization of roles and build a stronger AP.

– Antonio R. Moraza, President and COO, AboitizPower