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Aboitiz AgoraCon fortifies the road to digital transformation

Since its launch in October 2016, AGORA, the Aboitiz Group’s intranet portal, has managed to increase team member engagement and revolutionize information distribution across the group. Last August 3 and 4, content creators, admins, and key decision makers from HR, communications, and IT from different BUs gathered at SMX SM Aura to celebrate the portal’s milestones, and to seek ways to spark more synergy and innovation among the business units that use Agora.

The two-day conference focused on content, engagement, and measurement, complete with lively talks and insightful workshops geared to empower every Agora Champion.

Jojo Guingao, FVP for Digital Management, opened the event with a stirring video that gave guests a look at what AGORA has achieved in its first eight months. He then went on to present some interesting data from the Digital Management Team’s AGORA survey: 91% of team members across the group are now on AGORA, and the majority of survey respondents agree that AGORA has brought positive change in the Aboitiz group.

He ended his segment by encouraging participants to build digital armies in their respective BUs and driving home the point that the digital transformation will only be a success if every team member possesses a digital mindset that understands the power of technology.

Kollab CEO Herald Uy, whose company is the local partner of Lumsites, the platform being used to execute AGORA, was pleased to share how AGORA takes the crown for being the most complex implementation of Lumapps so far, thanks partly to customizations like the integration of WeatherPH, Aboitiz Eyes, and the Aboitiz No Impact Challenge campaign. Herald also revealed exciting features that will soon be coming to AGORA, including a platform for rewards, and the much-awaited mobile app, complete with improved notifications, communities, and engagement.

Lumsites allows Aboitiz to optimize and implement real-time collaboration tools. I look at what you have done today and you are evolving its uses like the Aboitiz No Impact Challenge campaign with leaderboards and other engagement activities.

-Herald Uy, CEO, Kollab



As one of the Digital Management Team’s major efforts in digital transformation, AGORA’s success anchored on one crucial component: people. Crystalyn Duran, Organizational Development Manager of Pilmico, illustrated how engaging team members can be done successfully on AGORA. Talyn also made sure to reiterate that what worked for Pilmico may not necessarily work for other groups, and revealed that the best approach is to consider the BU’s culture, and to tailor-fit engagement activities according to that culture.

We wanted to make sure that we spark inspiration in each participant so that they will utilize AGORA as a tool to achieve the goals of their respective units.

-RJ Costanilla, Digital Platform Officer and overall AGORA manager


Learn more about the digital transformation of Aboitiz. Watch this video:

Aboitiz Digital Transformation

Ram Reyes, HR Associate in Pilmico, and the BU’s appointed AGORA admin, supported Talyn’s talk by further elaborating how Pilmico’s vibrant culture was translated in the digital space on AGORA. She started by exploring AGORA’s different features, and figuring out different ways to apply those features to engage Pilmico Partners. Ram cited live Super Conversations and digital gamification among their most effective executions.

Read Pilmico’s Agora success story:

Fun, Dynamic, Agile: How Pilmico has embraced AGORA as its ‘heartland’

Another shining example of customizing engagement can be seen on 1AP, AboitizPower’s integrated AGORA platform. Mary de Guzman of AP’s CSG Reputation Management team opened AgoraCon’s second day by sharing how she was able to integrate all of AboitizPower’s business and service units under one AP portal. Numerous meetings and consultations with the different groups helped her get a good view of what each unit wanted on their AGORA instances. Mary also incorporated a more subdued and professional vibe on 1AP, reflecting the group’s own culture. Ms. Ria Calleja supported Mary’s segment, saying that they always make sure to “Agora-fy,” or customize their content to make it team member-focused and more consumable by internal readers.

One of AgoraCon’s highlights included a workshop by keynote speaker Louie De Leon, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Montgomery Fitch + Associates. Louie took the concepts he uses in social media engagement and applied the same ideas to create engaging content on AGORA. He showed examples of effective executions, and shared key strategies for content creators to follow, further empowering AGORA Champions to be more creative with their content.

Inspired and empowered, AgoraCon participants were given two hours to discuss, deliberate, and come up with their own AGORA playbook, to be able to move their AGORA instances to the next level. When it came time to present their AgoraCon projects, each BU was able to come up with a content strategy that reflected their own challenges and culture. Out of all the playbook presentations, RAFI, represented by Malou Bangcong, was declared the Best Playbook, as voted by fellow AgoraCon participants. The Digital Management Team awarded Malou and her team with nifty universal clip lenses that they can use with their mobile phones.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.34.37 PM



We are enhancing AGORA into a more people- and engagement-centric platform. We are excited to launch new features, like gamification, mobile applications, systems integration of apps like the self-service app, and improved communities in the coming months.
–Jojo Guingao, FVP Digital Management, Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Watch highlights from AGORACON 2017:


Other participants who were given commendations for their exceptional contributions to the success of AGORA were

  • Ram Reyes (Pilmico) and Mary de Guzman (AboitizPower) — Exemplary Agora Champions
  • Pilmico — Most Engaged Team Members
  • AboitizPower — Highest Adoption
  • AboitizLand — Creative Content Creation

With the success of AgoraCon, better content, increased engagement, and more creative executions are sure to come. Thanks to the active participation of our Agora Champions, the Digital Management Team is assured that they are not alone as they move to the next level—AGORA 2.0.