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A-Club in Focus: Money Values for a brighter tomorrow

Erika Tan and Isaac Galang | November 7, 2018

Parents understand the importance of saving for the future and even more so the value of teaching kids at an early age about saving money. This was the focus of an educational seminar organized by the A-Parenting Club for A-Parents based at the Taguig Corporate Center.

Last October 12, the club invited Mommy Gracie of Mamacademy PH to give a talk on the topic “Raising Kids with Money Values” and shared her personal tips on how to improve the investment skills of kids through daily activities.

You can teach your kids how to save by providing tasks in exchange for pay to boost their motivation in accomplishing daily activities. Through this, they will learn how to value their money because they invested their energy and effort to complete simple tasks.

– Mommy Gracie (@tipidmommy)
Mamacademy PH

Some of the tips shared by Mommy Gracie:

• Involve your kids in financial talks in your home. Being transparent on your financial status can help them adjust their lifestyle. They will also feel a sense of maturity and responsibility.

• Teach your kids about generosity. Sharing with others will help them realize the true value of what they are giving.

• Delay gratification. There is no harm in delaying gratification for a bit of time; this can help them be more patient and know the worth of what they are expecting.

• Involve rewards. By doing so, they will understand the true value of working hard.






During the seminar, parents had the chance to exchange personal experiences and best practices on how they were taught to save for their future at an early age. They were also asked to share on how do they pass these lessons to their kids today.

This seminar made me realize that teaching financial literacy to kids is more than just piggy banks and cash allowance for chores. We, as parents play a vital role in molding their investment skills. Children learn a lot about how to handle money by watching us. We can teach them how to save by helping them manage resources wisely, discover the satisfaction of sharing, and involve them in family financial planning as soon as they ready.

– Crisia Llante




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