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A-Clubs in Focus: Gaining Momentum With The Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team

Therese Etabag | November 18, 2019

The Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team (ADBT), an A-Club that prides itself in being driven to excel and serve, once again made it to the semifinals of the recent ‘Dragons in Argao 5’ competition held at Maayo Stay in Argao, Cebu last September 22. The team finished strong in the 200-meter mixed category with a best time of 1:05:05 after competing against premiere and seasoned dragon boat teams.

It was a remarkable achievement considering that it was the first race for some of their paddlers. Here’s what the team had to share about winning attitude they promote within their group.

Don’t get scared to try new things, regardless of how young or old you are. Age should not be the number you’re counting, but the stuff that you tried as you age. Explore a new hobby or try a different sport or anything that will motivate you to lead, to serve, and to excel.

– Meyrick Grandeza (CitySavings), paddler



When I accepted the challenge of joining the club, I was nervous thinking that I was too weak for the sport. This sport has taught me to be resilient — to be courageous enough in pushing myself beyond my limits. It helped me boost my confidence and made me believe that I can achieve more.

– Buts Butanas (AboitizPower), paddler

As a way to give back to the environment and waters where they train, ADBT took part in the coastal clean-up drive last October 6 at the Cebu Yacht Club and on the waters of the Mactan Channel. The activity was spearheaded by Cebu Pink Paddlers Dragon Boat Team (CPPDBT) and Anytime Fitness Gym.



Cebu Pink Paddlers is the very first Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Team in the Philippines. They are composed of breast cancer survivors and supporters who paddle to spread awareness that early detection saves lives. 

It’s a different level of satisfaction to be able to use our sport to help save the environment in our own little way.

– Elle Kilantang (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation), ADBT paddler/drummer

After a day of living out the value of responsibility with the team, a total of 21 sacks of garbage were collected and properly disposed of from the coastal clean-up drive.  Here in Aboitiz, it is encouraged that the employees explore, have fun, and at the same time, live out the company values.

To know more about the ADBT, you may reach out to club president, Ken Policarpio, at


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