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Digital platform levels playing field for MSMEs

UnionBank continues to make significant progress in its business model transformation anchored on the customer.  Most importantly, we aim to graduate from simply providing traditional cash management solutions to developing platforms that address specific pain points of communities.

We recognize that introducing MSMEs to the digital world is not enough. They face complex business challenges and have limited resources to address them. To further help MSMEs, we introduced UnionBank GlobalLinker. Local businesses who have varied business needs yet limited resources are now presented with a wide range of solutions for their growth.

UnionBank GlobalLinker seeks to build a global community of MSMEs by providing a free-to-use online platform that helps them grow their business. It complements the UREKA Forum by providing a do-it-yourself (DIY) online feature to create a free e-commerce store called Linker.store. It also has a news feed and discussion rooms for online forums where they can exchange ideas and best practices. We are also transforming the traditional paper business card into an electronic one called eBiz Card.

To bring about growth of MSMEs in the country, we will continue to promote e-commerce. Understanding that connecting them digitally with their end-consumers is not enough, we have resolved to create a network among small businesses through a comprehensive platform.

– Edwin Bautista, President and CEO, UnionBank

With all these digital functions, MSMEs can now grow their business networks, get the latest e-commerce news, collaborate with employees and peers, and connect to a variety of business solutions. They can also avail of free business management tools such as email, calendar, and a shared drive called eBriefcase. The platform comes with a device-responsive website (www.unionbank.globallinker.com) and mobile applications for iOS and Android for fast and convenient use.