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Employer brand storytelling: rediscovering what makes the A-People tick

Tish Valles | February 14, 2018

Earlier this year, we gathered thirty-five leaders from across the organization to set the direction for our Employer Brand project. Our employer brand aims to propel our ability to attract the right people who believe in our purpose, are aligned with our values, and will thrive in our culture. It doesn’t stop there, our employer brand better equips our organization to help our A-People grow with us so that together, we optimize their potential. It also┬áincreases retention, our ability to keep A-People attracted to us so they stay with us.

There is a wealth of stories waiting to be told by our A-people prompting Group HR Attraction team to embark on an expedition to unearth these story gems, polish them, and use them as the building blocks to of our Employer Brand narrative.

walls have stories

Our story expedition took us all the way up north to the hydro power plants of SNAP in Ambuklao and Magat, to the run-of-river plants of Hedcor in Benguet, to the plant of Pilmico in Tarlac, to the industrial estates of AboitizLand in Lipa, to the project site of Aboitiz Construction, Inc. (ACI) in Batangas, and finally to the offices of LimaLand in Makati. Later, we flew to Cebu to gather more stories from our fellow team members from VECO, ACI, Pilmico, Hedcor-Davao, and the impressive plant of AboitizPower’s Therma South, Inc. Our last stop was at the sprawling facility by the sea of Pilmico in Iligan City in Mindanao.

If you look inside the heart of an Aboitiz person, you’ll find integrity, our purpose of advancing business and communities, our core values of teamwork, innovation and responsibility and you’ll find passion.

– Manager at Hedcor, Davao

What do we have so far? We listened to the heartwarming sharing of a recently promoted manager who was born into a family of farmers in a small barrio but is now rising up in his career as a result of the trainings he received.

We cheered for a working mother who is continuously empowered by the mentoring of her team leaders.

We admired the man who rose from being a field worker toiling under the sun to becoming assistant vice president, thanks to the training and coaching that he received throughout his career in Aboitiz. Today, he wants to do the same for his team members, devoting time for their growth to groom future leaders.

We were inspired by the experience of Aboitiz scholars who joined the company to help fulfill our brand promise of advancing business and communities.

Their stories embody the Aboitiz culture known to nurture homegrown talent as it takes care of its host communities, a culture that attracts a pool of talents that are experts and competent in driving business goals, and a culture that exhibits a can-do attitude and optimism in every new venture the company goes into.

We know this is just the beginning, the unraveling of our employer brand narrative. How about you, what’s your story, your istoryang Aboitiz? Get in touch with your HR partner. We love to hear more.

ACI Cebu story expedition