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Excelsior! Celebrating our A-People

AE Team | Dec. 15, 2017

With 2017 nearing its close, the Aboitiz Group once again dedicated its Christmas Party to celebrating achievements and milestones of our team members.

A-People, always a highly competitive lot, saved their loudest cheers and warmest hugs of the year for the proud moment of congratulating the 2017 Retirees and fellow team members who took the top prizes at the Groupwide Inspired By Passion Team Awards.

Aptly themed ‘Lumiere’, the evening shone the brightest light on the top honorees, the retiring team members whose exemplary service and dedication to Aboitiz signify the strength of their Integrity, Team Work, Innovation, and Responsibility, values that constitute our unique Aboitiz culture. 



Who are our 2017 Retirees?

A tradition of integrity, these talented men and women have generously devoted the best years of their professional career to bring us to where we are today. They weathered the challenges that came their way, delivered results despite the odds and difficulties, and stayed true to their commitment to exert their very best effort in whatever task or responsibility was assigned to them.



Ms. Gilda Niere
Accounting Supervisor, AEV Accounting

COMING FULL CIRCLE. ‘Miss Gilds’ spreading smiles all around with (from left) EIA, Melinda Bathan – AEV FVP Controller, Dmi Lozano – AEV Chief Finance Officer, and Txabi Aboitiz – Aboitiz Chief HR Officer.

Carl Borromeo
Talent Assessment Manager, AEV HR and Quality

HER LIFE’S PASSION. TA and EIA wish Ms. Carl all the best of new adventures with family and loved ones.

Andoni F. Aboitiz
CEO, AboitizLand

I would counsel that we all remember where we came from and rediscover who we truly are. What has made us survive and flourish these odd last 100 years is hard work, keeping it simple, not getting enamored with fluff and focus on a few important things that will move the needle.

This now leads up to the question I was asked to answer by tonight’s organizers. What have I learned these last 35 years: A lot, of course. I’ve learned that I now understand the adage you have all heard: “THAT THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION”.


THE BEST IS YET TO COME. ACO Board of Directors and Group Mancomm thank AFA for 35 years of delivering exceptional innovation and achieving the dream that is AboitizLand.

Justo A. Ortiz
Chairman & CEO, UnionBank

No one is successful alone. Build the team and you build the company. My No.1 lesson is to pick people much better than me, different than me, people I trust, people who energize, inspire and are totally committed, who share a vision and live our purpose, but who have different sets of skills and capabilities, complementary one to the other. Most people surround themselves with those similar to them, instead surround yourself with those different and better than you. Strategy is stillborn without a great diverse team to deliver it, especially today in this VUCA world.


A FAMILY AS ONE. With strong support from the ACO Board, JAO has catapulted UnionBank to becoming one of the strongest banks in the country today.





Winners of the
Groupwide Inspired By Passion
Team Awards

Thank you to all of you who are tirelessly looking for better ways of doing things and for keeping our tradition of innovation very much alive.

We are not here for individual grandstanding but rather gain the cooperation of others so that together we produce a more superior result. Thank you for all the times you have chosen team work over ego or over self propaganda.


Launched in 2012, the Groupwide Inspired By Passion Team Awards is intended to serve as an inspiration as well as a challenge for teams across the Group to continue working collectively to make our brand essence, ‘Passion For Better Ways,’ a way of life in Aboitiz.

Driven to Lead

WINNER: Automated Volt-VAR Compensation – VECO

The Driven to Lead category recognizes bold, pioneering projects that speak of innovation, as well as challenges accepted and traditional approaches.

The Automated Volt-VAR Compensation by VECO won the hearts of the panel of judges because of its cutting-edge and dynamic idea for the installment of the capacitor banks that brings not only correct power but also minimizes technical losses. This challenged the traditional ways of capacitors for the betterment of our cities.

Click below to watch the video:

Driven to LEAD: VECO Auto Volt Var compensation

Driven to Excel

WINNER: Fabrication of In-house Unit Injector Calibrator – Therma Mobile

This category is characterized by projects that aim for continuous improvement to achieve greater efficiency, efforts that are proven effective to constantly adapt to the changing demands and needs of the business environment.

TMO’s Fabrication of In-house Unit Injector Calibrator project succeeded because of its innovative in-house unit injector calibrator, which uses readily available equipment that results to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. With this, they were able to eliminate dependency, promote self-reliance and improve quality all together in one project.

Click below to watch the video:

Driven to EXCEL: Therma Mobile Fabrication of In-House Unit Injector Calibrator

Driven to Serve – Customer Focused

WINNER: UnionBank Corporate Payouts Suite – UnionBank

This category was created to honor projects that are designed to improve customer service, customer retention, and customer satisfaction, those that have successfully imprinted value to customers and stakeholders through excellent service.

The UnionBank Corporate Payouts Suite advanced the process for transferring funds through streamlining the clients to their beneficiaries. The project helped eliminate multiple issues that clients face and exceeded the expectation of customers in various but meaningful ways.

Click below to watch the video:

Driven to SERVE – Customer Focused: UnionBank Corporate Payouts


Driven to Serve – CSR

WINNER: IP Community Automation Project – Hedcor

This category recognizes projects that are designed to improve and enhance community relations, those that have successfully created value to the community and stakeholders through responsible action.

The IP Community Automation Project captured the coveted award as it successfully created and introduced a technology of banking while maintaining and protecting the culture of Bagobo-Tagabawa Tribe. While the project’s objective was to help the tribe members have easier banking access, in effect, it helped document our undocumented fellow Filipinos.

Click below to watch the video:

Driven to SERVE – CSR: Hedcor IP Community Automation Project



Watch highlights from the Manila ‘Lumiere’ Christmas Party:




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