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Fields of Gold

A thick carpet of dainty, yellow flowers stretches out before Wedeliza Gabisay. Reaching as far as the eye can see, the flowers, drenched in every color of the rainbow, seem to go on forever. Unfortunately, they don’t. Flowers bloom at varying times of the year. At some point, these teeming fields will be empty.

Wedeliza, Chairperson of the Pung-ol Sibugay Multi-Purpose Cooperative, harvests her flowers only twice a year. This is why Wedeliza is overprotective of her blooms. Nobody messes with her flower beds; she even limits taking of photos at her flower farm. Thankfully, she is able to maximize her income with the support of two things – solid business financing and an unfailing water system.

Aboitiz Foundation

Water, a basic farming need, is very important, especially in growing flowers, which is why the 34 members of the cooperative acknowledged the added benefit of an efficient water system donated to their farming business. Wedeliza appreciates this support as well as the additional financing that enabled her to expand her farm and harvest more flowers.

Aboitiz Foundation

From fields of golden flowers, Wedeliza, and other small farmers like her, are now able to branch out into fields of sun-ripened golden corn. Relishing her “gold”, Wedeliza extends her knowledge and businesses to other vegetables like eggplant, alugbati, and pepper as well as managing a bee farm.