A fish farmer’s success story

Leonel, owner of LJK Fish Broker, started out as a humble fish farmer selling bangus fry. With his hard work, he was able to start his own business as a fry distributor. From fry production and culture, he was able to invest in his own fish pond and also distribute a variety of feeds.

However, as his business flourished, he also encountered many losses, particularly in feeds distribution. Disappointed, he took those challenges to heart and had second thoughts going into another partnership with a feeds provider. Even so, he still met with Aqua Feeds Manager Richard Rafio and put his trust in Pilmico to deliver.

In March 2016, he began distributing Pilmico Feeds to his customers. His first month wasn’t looking all too bright as he sold less than 30 bags not even close to breaking even. This went on for another six months. Although sales were increasing slightly per month at about 500 bags, it still wasn’t reaching the break even of 1,500 bags per month.

Feeling very discouraged, he stuck with Pilmico because of the customer service. Pilmico provided him with continuous support by managing the area where he was operating in, educating him in marketing, and helping him look for potential end-users.


Pilmico put up various programs to help the area gain knowledge and build interest in the aqua industry such as a fry dispersal program, livelihood loans, and putting up a demo farm for learning.

Because of this, Leonel got the assurance of Pilmico’s continued guidance and perseverance to deliver which eventually paid off.

Fastforward to 2018, Leonel now goes through about 7,000 to 8,000 bags per month. He grew his business greatly with Pilmico putting up two offices and three warehouses specifically to manage his operations with Pilmico in the Western Visayas area.

Recently, he also sponsored the Pilmico Aqua Training Camp, a training facility which he turned over to Pilmico during the third quarter of 2018. This facility is where he and Pilmico teach local farmers on how to properly raise and manage an aqua farm.

When asked about his whole experience with Pilmico, he always goes back to the strength of the Partnership.

“Si Pilmico lang talaga ang may alam ng true meaning ng Partner.” – Leonel LJK4

With his growing success, Leonel doesn’t forget his roots as a humble fish farmer. He gives back to his community by supporting local farmers; purchasing their produce, continuously supplying them with Pilmico feeds, and helping them build their own farms.

Leonel’s story fully encapsulates Pilmico as a Partner for Growth. Giving his full trust to Pilmico amidst all the challenges has only strengthened his relationship with the company. More than the immense growth of his business, he has also found a Partner that shares that same heart for the community as his.

Pilmico advances business and communities by being a Partner for Growth; providing solutions, expert advice, and quality products to both our business Partners and the local communities.