Green Living Gone Great: A-People become #NoImpactChamps for the planet!

AE Team | December 18, 2018

A-People have once again proven that sustainability loves company, following the third run for the Aboitiz No Impact Challenge. And for 2018, the biggest Groupwide race towards reducing our carbon footprint has evolved into becoming champions for a greener, healthier lifestyle!

The Aboitiz No Impact Challenge is part of our bigger Race to Reduce (R2R) 2.0 initiative, which highlights our commitment to managing the use of our resources well. This year, hundreds of team members from across the Aboitiz Group engaged in a month-long marathon of goals that tested how sustainable their lifestyles are — anything from becoming one-meal vegetarians to taking “power showers”!

By the end of the competition, three teams emerged victorious:







The winners have one thing in common: all of them knew that to make it to the top, they first had to become advocates of sustainable living. It took courage to join the Challenge, but it took real guts to become a #NoImpactChamp for the environment. And true to their team name, Heavy Gutz 2.0 from Republic Cement were crowned champions.

As part of our Race to Reduce 2.0 program, this initiative expresses our duty as A-People to examine how our daily routines affect the planet. By joining this four-week competition, you have demonstrated responsibility and commitment to collectively curb your environmental impact. Nonetheless, realizing the benefits of adopting healthy and sustainable habits is just the beginning.

–Txabi Aboitiz, Chief Human Resources Officer, Aboitiz Group





The small lifestyle choices that made a big difference on team members’ carbon footprints were just the beginning; they had to take it up a notch and spread awareness that what we do as individuals can also do wonders for the environment. Yes it was a battle of tactics, but above the proactive pace of the friendly competition was the resounding fact that the little things we do create a better world.