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A Hero in Disguise: My Super A-Dad 2019

Erika Tan | August 2, 2019

A father’s love can mold tiny dust into a bright star. A lot of us may wonder how fathers are able to bring their households to a better future, shouldering the weight that will create a wonderful path for loved ones. They have huge responsibilities at home and in the corporate world and may sometimes be in disguise of a person in a suit.

We like to call them our “Super A-Dads”. They possess a slew of special abilities, including working for hours and going home with full energy, knowing all the good places that make their kids happy, providing all the needs of the family, and every good thing you might think of. 

Every Super A-Dad has battled that scary monster under your bed or inside your cabinet, which eventually gave you the courage to fight them on your own. Every Super A-Dad is a role model that contributes to shaping one’s future and creates a better world. Do they ever get tired? Can a simple recognition be enough to reciprocate the love and protection they genuinely give out?

At AEV, we believe a simple gift can go a long way as long as you share and give it with sincerity and, last June 14, we celebrated all fathers in the company by giving them a special treat with surprise tokens. In showing them how they are valued and appreciated, it is our hope to inspire them further and boost their capacity to take on their big responsibilities.

A dad is a super hero with unlimited experience and advice. Yet, it takes only a simple pampering from the people that surrounds him to be recharged of his super powers. Thank you HR Team for letting me experience the feeling of being special on Father’s Day. Now, I am topped up to take full responsibility of being an A-Dad.

– Roderic Gaviola, AEV Security


We felt relaxed during and after the event. One of the things we look forward to is the Father’s day celebration here in Aboitiz.

– Victor Bautista, AEV Aviation


It is one unique initiative, I guess one of the first for company treats on Father’s Day. Together with other A-Dads, we had the adventure of digging our hands into the well prepared food arrangement, eat and laugh our way like proud victors who just came from an exhausting field mission. A very rewarding and tasty treat indeed, thank you AEV HR team for making us feel a super A-Dad!

– Joaquin Policarpio, AEV Admin (Cebu)



Again, Happy Father’s Day, Super A-Dads! You all deserve this treat and highest recognition. May you never get tired of advancing business and communities!