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Kalipay! Celebrating the joys of being an A-Person

Erika Tan & Isaac Galang | December 19, 2018

The Aboitiz Christmas Party, one of the most awaited year-end celebrations in the company, has once again spread good vibes to our A-People in pursuit of showing gratitude for all the hard work and achievements of our fellow team members.



Saving the best for last, A-People once again raised their glasses to congratulate the 2018 retirees, as well as teams who bagged the trophies for this year’s AP and Inspired by Passion Groupwide Team Awards.


EIA opens the program addressing his speech for the A-People


AEV and AP Retirees for 2018





To Abet, Bien, Becbec, Tess, Nonoy, Bing, Cholo, Jazz, Tony, and Txabi — on behalf of the Aboitiz Group, thank you for the privilege of sharing meaningful life and career experiences with you. We wish you all the best in this next chapter of your lives. The legacy you will leave behind will further fortify the solid foundation that promises even a brighter future for Aboitiz — just as our current highlights have been influenced and inspired by the hard work, vision, and persistence of Aboitiz team members of years.

–Erramon I. Aboitiz, President and CEO, Aboitiz Group

This year’s theme was aptly called “Kalipay” — the Visayan word that translates to happiness, joy, and good cheer. While farewells are hard, the organization wants nothing but joy and a memorable night for our retirees, and also to cap off the year with a wide smile.

“Whatever language or dialect we speak, Christmas moves us beyond words and brings us back to our roots, to a time when our hearts and minds are focused on the basic, most important matters — the values that we hold dear. Today,  these values continue to lead us to the direction we should take — whether in pursuing our strategic growth objectives or, on a greater level, in driving us to take part in nation building,” EIA added.


New Hires from AEV and AP dominate the stage for a surprise production number



The Aboitiz Way and AP Team Awards

Aside from the recognition of the new hires and retirees, the event was made special as AP launched and awarded the first batch of winners of the very first Aboitiz Way AP Team Awards. For this year, three categories were awarded under the Innovation (Breakthrough), Innovation (Improvement), and Teamwork categories.


Innovation (Breakthrough)

The winner for this category is the Energy Lecture Series by AP Legal. To respond to the deficiency of energy lawyers, AP Legal conducted the Energy Lecture Series in various law schools to provide law students a glimpse of the energy industry, laws and regulations, and encourage them to consider specializing in energy law. This initiative provided a learning experience not only for the students but for the lawyers of AP Legal as well, whereas their training skills are enhanced to ensure that each session is engaging and informative. The Energy Lecture Series is a first-of-its-kind within AP and promotes AboitizPower as an employer of choice.

AP Legal – Energy Lecture Series


Innovation (Improvement)

The Land Transaction Manual by AP Legal is the go-to guide for anyone involved in land acquisitions to appreciate and understand the requirements and processes that one must undergo before buying land. This project helps save AP from expensive errors in land transactions which could lead to prolonged and costly litigation, or incorrect payment of fees or taxes (which could even result to interests and penalties), or having to outsource all the work to external counsels.

AP Legal – Land Transaction Manual



The 1AP Corporate Communication Cluster (CCC) by 1AP Corporate Communication Team is a center for collaboration, learning, and excellence among business units in AP nationwide. It is composed of representatives from different Corporate Communication, Reputation Management and Support Services teams from all business units and selected CSUs, with the following objectives:  support one another, share resources, and learn from each other. The quarterly meetings of the sub-groups are fun venues for teamwork as well.

1AP Corporate Communications Team – 1AP Corporate Communication Cluster


Groupwide Team Awards

This year has also marked a significant milestone as the company awarded the final batch of winners under the annual Inspired by Passion Groupwide Team Awards. As announced last year, the recognition program is set to change gears for the refreshed format—the Aboitiz Way Groupwide Team Awards.


Driven to Lead

This category is for breakthrough, cutting-edge and trendsetting team projects. The Driven to Lead category recognizes bold, pioneering projects that speak of innovation, as well as challenges accepted and traditional approaches.

Winning this category is The Ark by UnionBank, which broke boundaries by being the first fully digital bank branch in the Philippines. It champions innovation and cutting-edge technology through a full transformation of branch banking experience: Space Transformation, People Transformation, and Process Transformation.

Honorable mentions: Hybrid Underground Distribution System by VECO



Driven to Excel

Meanwhile, this category is characterized by projects that aim for continuous improvement to achieve greater efficiency, efforts that are proven effective to constantly adapt to the changing demands and needs of the business environment.

The Convergent Banking project by UnionBank stood out against the competition as it revolutionized the online banking experience by streamlining their separate banking platforms into one centralized profile. This encourages customers to do their transactions online and has decreased in-bank transactions and calls to customer service.

Honorable mentions: Project Agila by APDU & Down Time, Done Time by Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation



Driven to Serve (Customer Focused)

This category was created to honor projects that are designed to improve customer service, customer retention, and customer satisfaction, those that have successfully imprinted value to customers and stakeholders through excellent service.

Earning the nod of the panel of judges was The Thermal Power Plant Project by Aboitiz Construction created customer value and trust by building 3 Units of 55 Megawatts Thermal Power Plant, a coal-fired powered generating plant owned by Minergy Corporation. This project exceeded the standards of the main contractors and further opened up business opportunities for the construction arm of the Group.

Honorable mentions: Project Sulo by VECO & Loan Ranger by City Savings



Driven to Serve (CSR)

This category recognizes projects that are designed to improve and enhance community relations, those that have successfully created value to the community and stakeholders through responsible action.

The Heartbeats Program by AP Renewables, Inc. made CSR programs more meaningful by creating new activities that make the most of their team members’ skills and competencies. The new activities were designed based on what team members wanted to do and what they were good at. This contributed to increased attendance and engagement.

Honorable mention: Project BELT.Com from Davao Light


Remembering JRA

(excerpt from EIA’s speech)

Don Ramon Aboitiz once said that the dignity of man is best respected by helping him realize his hopes and by sharing with him the burden of his fears. Our Jon, beyond the many things he was to many people, did his best to live this ideal in all aspects of his life.

He was a truly loving and genuine human being. For us, his fellow team members, Jon sparked our passion for better ways, gave us the confidence to be the best at we do, and was always generous with his praise. We are forever grateful to have learned from and shared our time with such an inspiring leader.

But outside of his work, Jon was the devoted family man who made sure to be always present and hands-on in his role as father and husband. In the same way, he was the glue that kept the Aboitiz family united, ensuring we maintain our unique family culture built on mutual trust and shared values.

This past week, we have heard from people and communities who shared stories of Jon’s generosity and kindness. But more than this, they saw Jon a servant leader who simply believed that we all have the responsibility to do all we can to help others.

And so, even in our great loss, our hearts are full knowing that we are carrying on his legacy through the people and organization for whom he cared so much.

Daghang salamat, Jon! You have inspired us with your passion and love for your family, fellow team members, and our communities. You will be missed!