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It is quite traditional for a CEO to preface his or her message regarding a forthcoming year’s outlook with phrases like “this will be a challenging year” or something quite similar. This is understandable as every company, no matter how secure or profitable, faces obstacles most especially in today’s dynamic world. So while 2017 will certainly be a demanding year for us, I feel that it does not quite describe what the coming year must be for us.

2017 must be known and remembered as our Watershed Year. The year must become the inflection point when we lay down solid foundations for the company’s promise. With courageous authenticity, I will say it is a promise still to be fulfilled.

But we will make it happen.

We will demonstrate that after years of investing in capable leaders, rehabilitating systems, and upgrading processes to deliver the first phase of the commitment we made in 2014. And that was to create a significant AboitizLand.

We have had, of course, our share of setbacks and disappointments, which in hindsight now should have been expected in what was a startup effort. But we are confident that all those are behind us now. And we are ready.

In addition to closing out existing projects like our bestseller, Amoa, we will be launching two exciting projects in Cebu. In the tradition of AboitizLand, these will be highly appealing and game-changing ventures for the Cebu market. Fresh and modern concepts that we are strikingly proud of and want you to watch out for.

In Luzon, after three years of preparation, we will be striking out with three residential projects in various geographical areas. We have master planned a total of 80 hectares comprising approximately 3,000 units. Again, the designs will be the first of their kind in the country, bringing our brand of Nurturing Communities to a whole new level.

In Lipa, the buzz on the ground and social media is about The Outlets. The country’s first truly year-round premium discount shopping village is well on its way to fruition. When fully occupied, The Outlets starting in the first quarter of 2018 shall be offering to the public access to over 200 international brands at marked-down prices. Already, the energy at LiMA Technology Center is highly charged with this new concept among all the other improvements we have made at the park. We trust industrial locators will also be looking at LTC with keen interest to be part of a sustainable zone like no other.

Gatewalk Central, our joint venture with Ayala Land, is moving along albeit a bit cautiously but surely. The Cebu market has become exceptionally competitive and a well thought-out and focused plan will be paramount. Both partners are aligned with our belief that we must approach this project with a long-term view in mind.



Our agreement with Aboitiz Construction, Inc. to work closely is quickly bearing fruit, and we have high expectations that this strategic alliance will benefit both our companies significantly. It is personally rewarding for me to see teamwork and camaraderie between the ACI and AboitizLand teams. Jimmy, ACI’s COO, and I have always believed this relationship should happen. I am grateful to him for his support to make this a reality. Hopefully, we will be a showcase to the whole Aboitiz Group that sister companies can and should find common ground, synergy, and work more closely together.

Of course, no glimpse into 2017 would be complete without mentioning our official move to Manila effective June this year. This is a momentous decision for us. The senior officers have put much time and effort into making this move as seamless as possible. We are excited about our new home and I would like to specifically thank those who have had the courage to make the move from Cebu to Manila. Thank you for showing us what real commitment is.

In closing, let me highlight again that much work is ahead for the company. It will not be easy. It will not be a walk in the park. But allow me to quote Mr. Makoto Kambara, the irrepressible patriarch of Tsuneishi, “MUST CAN DO!”

“Smooth seas do not make good sailors”



Andoni F. Aboitiz




LAND-PatrickConnecting our purpose on why we do what we do, strengthening our brand promise, and bringing forth our culture through the way we get things done is very important as we advance business and communities. These pillars form a strong organizational identity that helps us build efficiently and ensure effective execution in all that we do. This enables us to focus on the needs of our vecinos and help bring their visions to life now and tomorrow. This is where our passion, ideas, determination, and drive come together to bring a fruitful 2017 of curating better, more fulfilled lives.

– Patrick B. Reyes, President and COO, AboitizLand



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