My Life, My ABC: The innovative spark of Davao Light team member Jeffrey Lingatong

Innovation is a celebrated core value in Aboitiz. It is our constant drive to take inspiration from the things around us and create something that we can use to help us in contributing to our brand promise of advancing business and communities.

When Davao Light Senior Engineer Jeffrey Lingatong was faced with a big task of providing a solution to a project-related need, his dedication to his craft and profession took over.

Jeffrey led an HPS (High Pressure Sodium)-to-LED conversion project under Davao Light to lower Davao City LGU’s kilowatt-hour consumption. The project entailed reviewing the Roadway Illumination Standard and match the city’s current roadway lighting with what is prescribed in the standard. This, in turn, required thorough research to be done in order to determine the new design and wattage of the LED lights to be used. To do what was assigned to him, Jeffrey created a roadway illumination simulator, which he called the Infiniti Lux, that will be used by the company’s Streetlights and Poles Utilities Department (SPUD) to help in the conversion project.

The project also relates to our sense of Responsibility and Service Excellence. It will help Davao City improve the quality of life outside of daylight hours through brighter and safer streets.

-Jeffrey Lingatong, Senior Engineer, Davao Light

Jeffrey (fourth from left) with his teammates during the Infiniti Lux turnover ceremony.

Seeing his role in a project that will give Davao City a better and cost-efficient roadway lighting system to prevent accidents and crimes inspired Jeffrey to excel and make a difference. He was given a challenge and thought outside of the box to address it. Not only did he save the organization cost, as a Davao Light team member, he demonstrated what it means to put into practice the kind of passion that is truly Aboitiz. This is Jeffrey’s ABC.