Loyalty – The Role It Plays



We just held our 2016 Recognition Night and that got me thinking about what loyalty really means and why it is so important. It cannot be just the feel good aspect. There has to be something deep, solid and more meaningful about the entire institution that we give, and correctly so, give so much importance to.


Meritocracy is the King.

Strategy is about the end, the ways, and the means. Getting things done is what matters. We put the right people on the right seat of the bus so that they get things done. We promote those who get things done. We reward those who get things done regardless of gender, of religion, of color, and almost anything else. I will expound on this later. I will expand it by saying getting things done continually over long periods of time with the minimum waste of both time and effort. And I am sure many of us can add to expand and explain meritocracy better but I think we are clear on what I mean.


The Queen is how we get things done.

There are both legal and moral boundaries to getting things done. It must be legal, of course. It might even be a-legal i.e. beyond legality. I believe those boundaries to be decided by fairness and elegance. Is it fair? Is it elegant?

So, results are the king — getting things done. The manner we get those things done is the queen.


The Princess is loyalty.

It is not primary. It does not take a place above performance and getting things done. It does not supersede how we get things done. But it does matter and it matters greatly because it is like the princess who binds the relationship between the king and the queen. Valuable doers who have been with us a long time are not just more trustworthy in the traditional sense of protecting our interests in all areas and today, more importantly in cyber-security, they know the way we operate. They can get things done quicker. They are more comfortable speaking their minds. They know where the landmines are and, hopefully, aid in removing them. They trust and are trusted, and trust is the glue that binds a social network. It is the glue that facilitates a social organization and a polity.