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Man of the Hour: Davao Light’s Elmer Amigo is 2018 DRAAE awardee

Chell Ugay | November 15, 2018

Elmer Amigo is blessed with a surname that appropriately describes who he is to many: a friend. The easygoing and trustworthy Bambi, as many call him, exemplifies passion and dedication to the profession he has held for nearly three decades. It is only fitting that Davao Light’s “go-to guy” has been presented with the 2018 Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence (DRAAE), the Aboitiz Group’s most prestigious honor for outstanding team members who emulate the values of Don Ramon Aboitiz.



On its 20th year, the DRAAE goes to an A-Person who started in Davao Light as a casual employee in 1989. He worked as a lineman in the Transmission and Distribution Department until 1997, when he was promoted as an Emergency Supervisor of the Distribution Services Department and continues to excel in this critical role. It’s Bambi who stays on top of any emergency power interruption, even in the wee hours of the morning. Through natural disasters, typhoon, or force majeure, he can be counted on to give the best quality of service, especially to Davao Light customers.

Despite the demands of his career, Bambi finds time to serve at his church, to the amazement of his colleagues. He also starts his day with a prayer, asking for God’s wisdom in order to do well on the job, something he shares as his biggest “secret” in fulfilling his daily tasks.




Bambi’s selflessness is a manifestation of the Aboitiz core values of responsibility and service excellence that has led him to achieve the distinguished DRAAE. His fellow Kaibigans in Davao Light can attest to this wholeheartedly.

After seven long years, Davao Light has another awardee. We are very proud of his feat – an awardee chosen from thousands of employees of the Aboitiz Group because of his hard work, dedication, passion, loyalty, and always going the extra mile!

He is always our top-of-mind when we need somebody to take care that power supply of an important event is secured, our top-of-mind in line projects that need to be completed on time, our top-of-mind in emergency calls and restoring service, our top-of-mind when we need church services, and the list will never end. He is our go-to person.

– Rodger S. Velasco
Davao Light


Mr. Velasco also added that Bambi has created lasting and valuable relationships with all levels, both within and outside the organization.


It cannot be argued that he really deserves the award. Him being very workaholic. Time doesn’t matter, you can even call him 24/7. He goes beyond what is expected from him. You can count on him to answer your phone calls even in the middle of the night. He is also a very good example of a leader who instills best practices and disciple to his team members. Because of his exposure and experience for how many years, he shares and teaches what is right.

– Paul Michael Cazar, Bambi’s former team leader
Branch Manager
Davao Light Panabo

From the very start of my employment, you give me tips and skills to help me improve and it really helped me become who I am today. You are my idol and you deserve everything that you have right now.

– Socrates Arce
Customer Retail Services Department Manager
Davao Light


Bambi solo portraitWhen asked what advice he can give to inspire others, Bambi said:

Dream big, work hard, be kind to others and be humble.” 

Being a DRAAE awardee, he feels very fulfilled knowing that the ups and downs of his professional career, as well as his hard work and sacrifices, have all paid off.