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In Motion for an Active Lifestyle

Marijo Cypril Jamora | Nov. 27, 2018

People are quite diverse and we are swimming in a sea of choices–we have different interests. But in the end, we find ourselves searching for a common target: to have an active lifestyle. Team Leaders and Members from Cebu huddled together as soon as the A-Club Program was launched earlier this year.

The Bisdaks in Motion (A-Club) was formed and started at around 11 members.  Within two months since its establishment, the club grew to 21 members with a hodge-podge of interests in sports, dance, and martial arts.

The club started with a Bowling session as the first club get-together activity. For most participants, it was a learning introduction from easy to advanced techniques and styles in learning the sport.



Moving forward, club members immersed themselves in the discipline of the graceful yet strong movements of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It was a 12-session program that was capped off with a culminating activity of Roda (a circle formed by capoeiristas and capoeira musical instruments)  and simple meal among the members.

After the capoeira program and bowling, club members have been actively going out every Thursday for a sweat-producing and stress-busting game of badminton. Badminton must have proven to be very fun, engaging and fulfilling as most club members and non-members alike consistently attend the weekly sessions. With this, these activities supported by the club have been able to gather various employees to support their passion while having fun.

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The club is not only active in sports and martial arts but is also immersed in the different CSR activities of Aboitiz. The club had very satisfactory attendance in this year’s Brigada Eskwela and Groupwide Tree Planting. For this year’s Christmas Outreach, the club has joined forces with another Cebu-based club, Sew Very Happy in staging the Game Night, which has been tagged as a fund-raising activity. And to cap off the year, members from both clubs are expected to attend and support the annual Christmas Outreach which is set to happen on December 8.

Being in the club has given each member an opportunity to discover new things and to connect with other A-team members outside of one’s own work team while pursuing interests in either sports or martial arts. The A-Club has truly been a driving force to make us more engaged members of the organization–helping us realize that we can achieve a sense of work and balance.

Bisdaks in Motion is looking forward to a stronger 2019 with more activities planned for both members and non-members. For those who are interested to join, you may send an e-mail to Marijo Jamora ( or Maricor Belanizo ( What are you waiting for? Join now!

“We are Bisaya, we espouse an active lifestyle…we are Bisdaks ‘n Motion (BnM).”