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Musik-A leads another ‘Overtime’ at Caf8

Amy Chua and Neri Natalicio | June 18, 2019

Overtime with a free concert in the office? Yes, please!

It was another successful event for Musik-A, the A-Club composed of team members who love music, after raising a total amount of PHP80,120 from its annual CSR event called “Overtime: Music Night for a Cause Vol. II”, held last May 10 at the newly opened Caf8. Promoting the value of #Teamwork, the event was also joined by A-Career Mixers and the AP Band.

neriIt is heartwarming to witness the growing family of Musik-A throughout the years. We started as a small group of 5 and we would dream of having such events where we could enjoy music with peers over beers as well. Who would’ve thought that dream would come to life while serving a greater purpose of giving back to the community.

I couldn’t be any prouder to be part of this family. We are thankful for everyone’s support and participation in every event of Musik-A.

– Neri Natalicio, Aboitiz Foundation

Playing a mix of rock and OPM music, Musik-A kept the Caf8 audience  as well as those watching the live stream on AGORA highly entertained.

The night’s guest performers were AP Band and Jerome Cachau of Aboitiz InfraCapital drew loud cheers from the lively crowd. Proceeds from the ticket, food, and drinks sales will go to the Aboitiz Christmas Outreach fund of Aboitiz Foundation.

FB_IMG_1557819714920Musik-A made my long-time small dream to perform again come true. I was just a jammer last year and I really enjoyed Overtime vol. 1. So, when A-Club opened its doors to other Aboitiz business units, I didn’t think twice to join. I even asked my Team Leader to join too!

It feels so good to go back in doing what I love most plus it’s fulfilling knowing that you are giving back to the community. I’m looking forward to more jamming sessions and more members showcasing their talent and love for music.

– Joanna Mandap, AboitizPower





richmond mixers

From being an audience in 2018 to being a committee member [under A-Career Mixers], it is indeed very refreshing to be a part of the committee for this year. Imagine, we can perform the thing that we love (mixology) while helping raise funds for the outreach program. It is also cool to see our own team members dominate the stage and sing their hearts out.

– Richmond Dy, AboitizLand

Musik-A is proud to be growing with almost 20 members from various Aboitiz business units. Through music, Musik-A continues to help create fun and engaging activities in the workplace while providing opportunities for its members to work together while doing what something they love.

AEV Chief Human Resource Officer Susan Valdez capped off Overtime Volume II with a message to A-People who attended the event. In her speech, she was able to share the upcoming events and recent organizational milestones that team members should be excited about.



Musik-a, together with A-Career Mixers strike a pose after the successful event.
Musik-a, together with A-Career Mixers strike a pose after the successful event.






Overtime is an annual CSR event spearheaded by Musik-a. They are also one of the thirteen duly recognized clubs under the A-Club Program.

If you want to know more about Musik-a, please join our official Workplace Facebook Group. Interested to join the club?  You may contact Neri Natalicio (