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My Life, My ABC: Amy Chua, a certified Super A-Mom

Abe Tayao, Isaac Galang, and Lorenne Alejandrino | May 11, 2018

Let’s face it, Avengers Infinity War had you down and depressed by the end of the movie. Who would’ve expected so many of our favorite heroes to just turn to dust in a snap of a finger (literally!). But in real life, we sometimes fail to see real, modern-day heroes hiding in plain sight. Not an A-venger, but an A-Person. Someone with no superhuman powers, but has unbelievable strength. Not a god, not a king, but a hero nonetheless. She’s a mother, a survivor, and a believer. Her name? Amy.


Test of body, mind, and soul

Having faced a potentially life-threatening disease, an arduous marriage, and still managing to raise a son on her own, Aboitiz Foundation’s Engagement and Communications Manager, Amy Melissa M. Chua, is not new to struggle. Four years ago, she faced challenges that would seem daunting and insurmountable to most, yet Amy did not only get past her struggles; she triumphed. Armed with an unwavering faith in God, love for her son and her indomitable spirit, Amy thrived amid the challenges life threw at her.

Diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis – a mouthful to pronounce and a condition that describes scarring (sclerosis) of the kidney – Amy was forced to take 18 pills a day, including steroids, which side effect was 30 kilograms of weight gain. It was hard for her to move and to keep her balance, let alone carrying her newborn child.


Amy 1
(Left) Amy at the time when she was taking her medication. (Right) Amy during the 2017 Aboitiz Recognition Night.


Despite her illness, Amy woke up every day at 3 a.m. to cook her own food. She then traveled for an hour to go to work. She had to juggle lab tests and demanding office work despite her impaired condition, a constricting diet, and a baby to take care of at home. And in the midst of all this, her husband decided to leave.



Finding light amidst the dark

Amy with her son, Myca.
Amy with her son, Myca.

Her swelling subsided faster than they had expected. She is now in remission and free from medication. She let go of all grudges and negativity and instead focused on herself and her young, wonderful little miracle, Myca.

“I realized that if I can share my story of how I bounced back despite the hardships, then maybe, more people will also strive to reach their full potential. I thought that if I can infect even one person with my positive attitude, then I may be able to change the world for that person.”


Passion to share, commitment serve


Amy (left) with other team members of the Aboitiz Foundation with parols they made for the Aboitiz Christmas Outreach.


Being the Engagement and Communications Manager for Aboitiz Foundation, Amy gets to fulfill her passion for developmental work and exercise her commitment to serving others by sharing the company’s initiatives in co-creating safe, empowered and sustainable communities. She finds herself fortunate to be in a position to inspire and influence through words. She takes pride in doing her part in advancing business and communities.


Photo 11
Amy during an interview where she talked about one of the Foundation’s projects, the Noble Bakers Program.


When she is not busy working in the office or taking care of Myca, she inspires people through her blog. She empowers her readers through stories of her triumphs and adversities, moments of love and sorrows, her experiences in motherhood, and her faith in God, all told in bits and pieces of everything.

Amy is just like the rest of us, human. But with a passion to serve others, a positive outlook that would brighten the darkest of days, a resolute faith in God and boundless love for her son, she is definitely worthy of being called a Super Mom. She does not only apply the principles of ABC, she lives by them.


Superheroes deserve a break

Amy is just one of the many Super A-Moms – a part of the Aboitiz team. That is why on May 11, the AEV Corporate HR Team set up an event to treat Amy and other A-Moms to a day of pampering and relaxation.

Even superheroes (or in this case, supermoms) deserve a break. To show the company’s appreciation and gratitude for mothers who splendidly balance work, life, and motherhood, they were treated to an express massage and were given tokens to show that they are very much valued.




Being a mother is a full-time job. That is why A-Moms, women who redefine and add so much more to the word ‘mom,’ deserve to be recognized. Aboitiz would not be the company it is today without people like Amy, who push through despite the odds and maintain the heart to passionately serve others.