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Need a Workplace Mentor? Try the New Mentoring Cluster

I am excited to learn a lot of new insights and receive practical advice from experienced mentors and colleagues. I am also looking forward to learning financial tools and skills which I will share with my peers back at work.

– Samantha Singson, Management Trainee, UnionBank

Investing in workplace mentoring nurtures a pipeline of future leaders, who will be able to acquire the skills and attitude required to succeed within the company. In Aboitiz, the Coaching and Mentoring Program brings the strategic pillar of building human capital to life. After its successful run, the Finance team is bringing mentoring to a whole new level by pioneering the mentoring clusters initiative.

It kicked off last April by gathering the pioneering batch of 25  team members from across the Group who are in finance-related roles and who can benefit from being exposed to finance-related discussions and workshops. The goal is for the cluster to eventually be a self-driven program, with its members deciding the agenda in coordination with the cluster’s working group. Mentoring Cluster runs parallel with the Aboitiz Mentoring Partnership Program, the platform that enables the graduates of the Coaching and Mentoring Program to continue their leadership development growth through one-on-one learning exchanges enhanced by the current pool of 18 volunteer mentors allowing mentees to be exposed to functions beyond their own.

To know more about the Finance Mentoring Cluster, you may get in touch with Sandro Aboitiz, Judd Salas and Xandra Galang.

Finance Mentoring Cluster members look on as AboitizPower CFO and guest speaker Liza Montelibano presents the Finance Challenger Framework at the kick-off session held at the F1 Hotel on April 25."
Finance Mentoring Cluster members look on as AboitizPower CFO and guest speaker Liza Montelibano presents the Finance Challenger Framework at the kick-off session held at the F1 Hotel on April 25.


Finance Mentoring Cluster Batch 1

  1. James Yu – Market Economics Manager (AboitizPower)
  2. Nemely Jabla – AVP Energy Economics (AboitizPower)
  3. Lee Balangue – AVP Business Development (AboitizPower)
  4. Nicolo Subido – Business Development Manager (AboitizPower)
  5. Carlos Aboitiz –  AVP Project Development & Execution (AboitizPower)
  6. Gayle Guzman – Finance Manager (Pilmico)
  7. Brenda Neri – Senior Financial Analyst (Pilmico)
  8. Jhonver Visaya – Finance Supervisor for ASEAN (Pilmico)
  9. Toti Cortez – Senior Financial Analyst (Pilmico)
  10. Jokin Aboitiz – National Logistics Manager (Pilmico)
  11. Carlo Garces – Senior Financial Analyst (AboitizPower)
  12. Sharon Chung – Finance Manager (AboitizPower)
  13. Paula Angela Caldit – Finance Analyst (AboitizPower)
  14. Leah Barcas – Accounting Manager (AboitizPower)
  15. Myla Espineda – Accounting Manager (APRI)
  16. Charisse Bacurio – Financial Planning Manager (Hedcor)
  17. Ross Ryan Torio – FPA Manager (AboitizLand)
  18. Jana Pedro – Investor Relations Specialist (AEV)
  19. Aristo De Borja – Investor Relations Officer (AEV)
  20. Rendell Ng – Corporate Finance Manager (AEV)
  21. Pamela Li – Corporate Finance Manager (AEV(
  22. Rodel San Manuel – Corporate Finance Manager (AEV)
  23. Patrick Puno – Corporate Finance Officer (AEV)
  24. Mikey Cruz – LEAD5 Financial Controllership (UnionBank)
  25. Samantha Singson – LEAD7.2 Enterprise Risk Management (UnionBank)


We recognize the pivotal role our leaders play in achieving positive results relative to our four strategic pillars and the overall success of our business. We therefore need to devote time and effort in developing our leaders and preparing them for bigger and more important roles and responsibilities.​

​We are very pleased to see coaching and mentoring gaining traction within the Group. Congratulations to Dmi and Sandro for spearheading this initiative. We are aware that other function groups have similar programs in place; we encourage everyone to continue this laudable effort.

We realize we are all very busy; we however urge you all not to disregard the clamor from your fellow team members to share your knowledge and experiences with them. Help them become great leaders through your unselfish efforts of coaching and mentoring them.

We are very proud of all of you.

– Erramon I. Aboitiz, President and CEO, AEV


“It’s not whether we should listen to those who have gone through it.  The hard part is choosing who we should listen to!”

– Sabin M. Aboitiz, EVP & COO, AEV; and President and CEO, Pilmico


We all know that today’s business world has become exceedingly complex and the pace of same will accelerate even more. As a group we will need to deploy relevant tools to address this challenge and stay on top of our game.  I believe that building a mentoring and developing culture is one such means as it fosters a greater exchange of information and hard won lessons.  Similarly, we can build leaders at a quicker pace to meet the tests of a growing organization.

– Andoni F. Aboitiz, President and COO, AboitizLand


Take learning into your own hands. We want you to be able to explore new ideas in a fun, voluntary, and neutral environment.

– Dmi Lozano, Chief Finance Officer, AEV and project executive sponsor


Finance departments that simply fulfill requests, which do not challenge assumptions, will not be able to provide the advice that will help our organization drive growth.

– Liza Montelibano, Chief Finance Officer, AboitizPower