New technology reduces cement plant’s dust emissions by 75%

Republic Cement PR Team | March 13, 2019

Republic Cement, in its desire to uphold the wellbeing of its community stakeholders and minimize its environmental footprint, has taken on the challenge to reduce its dust emissions. The company recently installed state-of-the-art bag filters to replace its kiln electrostatic precipitator. The bag filters act as a “sock” catching dust from its stacks before air is released into the atmosphere, thereby capturing it from the point of origin.

As a result of this installation, Republic Cement’s stack emission was reduced by over 75%, emitting dust at a minimal level of <20 mg/Nm3, well below the Philippine standard limit (<150 mg/Nm3).

At this level (<20mg/Nm3), we have already reached the best available global standard. Dust is no longer visible coming from our stacks. This is our strategic direction for Republic Cement plants.

–Martin Wills, Vice President for Manufacturing, Republic Cement Services, Inc.

While this initiative has addressed the largest contributor of dust emissions in its plants, Republic Cement is also keen on reducing ground-level dust caused by materials transport in and outside of its plants.

The company has invested in road concreting within its premises and within the perimeter of its host communities as part of its Social Development and Management Program and CSR initiatives. This would significantly reduce fugitive dust potentially generated by dirt roads. The company has also invested in vacuum trucks that pneumatically suck dust inside the plants.

In addition, Republic is looking to invest in more bag filters for its clinker conveyors, finish mills and pack-houses.

“While the law mandates for us to have dust emissions below 150 mg/Nm3, we’re going the extra mile to keep our emissions well below the legal limit. We believe in being responsible neighbors within the communities we are part of. These investments are part of our contribution to a greener and stronger Republic,” adds Wills.