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Not all heroes wear capes: Super A-Mom 2019!

Erika Tan | May 29, 2019

A superhero is often defined as someone who is extraordinary and goes beyond what is normal. They could sometimes have special abilities that a typical individual doesn’t have — super strength, invisibility, time travel, magic, and the list goes on. But there is one superpower that is inborn and natural to the people who carried us for nine months, or even the people who embraced and defended you from all the monsters under your bed: a mother’s love. That makes them special.

Have you ever wondered how they do what they do? Aside from being a mom that would go beyond their reach for their loved ones, the A-Mom is also a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, a constant reminder to be healthy every day, a person who will protect you at all cost, and so much more. Super A-Moms give out unconditional love expecting nothing in return.

How do you make the season of motherhood extra special for Super A-Moms? For someone so special and so giving, it might even be impossible to think of ways to return that amount of effort and sacrifice they do every single day. But here in AEV, we make the effort to give them a day of relaxation and recognition.

AEV made sure that all A-Moms are honored this Mother’s Day. Last May 7, a special activity with surprise tokens was organized as a little token to celebrate their strength and courage as a Super A-Mom. We all know that juggling work and motherhood can sometimes be tough and tiring. Just like what they say in comic books, superheroes get tired too and they deserve a break. A special 30-minute express massage was offered to make the day extra bearable for our Super A-Moms.

For a working mom like me, we tend to forget how to celebrate occasions, sometimes even Mother’s day. AEV did a very good job in reminding us, Moms, that we are special and we need pampering too. It is great to be a working mom in Aboitiz.
– Chris Lizada, Aboitiz InfraCapital

Again, Happy Mother’s Day, Super A-Moms! Thank you for all your efforts!