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Notes by EMA: A Few Simple Qualifications in Leadership

Notes by EMA | September 9, 2019

Again I start with a disclosure: What you will read is what I have copied cum learned from others. None of this, other than the compilation, is mine.  

The Aboitiz Eyes team tells me that our readers have a great interest in leadership. That is good news because, at the end of the day, we have seen that people work for people, and not for companies. We would like them to be loyal to institutions and, of course, that is an educational and cultural goal, but they work for individuals — individuals they look up to, respect, learn from, are engaged by, motivated by, and have fun. “Fun” here being so much more binding of the above than too many realize.

Our institution, the Aboitiz Group, has seen returns dropping continually for a half-decade. Our profits have been flat and, this year, have fallen. Together, we have to make sure — and I am sure it is so — that 2019 is our nadir and our 100th year in 2020 is the beginning of a new rise. We have a company of skilled talent and valuable assets but somehow it is not, today, making music. May I suggest we look for simple qualifications.

Warren Buffet looks for one ingredient first: Integrity. We need the truth and the whole truth from our leaders, and we need it early. Mistakes are what God put into a man to separate us from his image. Denial we learned by ourselves together with sugar coating and hiding the truth, which is our hope against hope. Only the whole story driven by intellectual honesty gives us the information to make the right decisions.

Photo by Tumisu
Photo by Tumisu


Intelligence, without a need to be Einstein, gives us the capacity to break down complexity and navigate complicatedness. The former, complexity, means “difficult to understand” and complicated means “many moving parts”. We need intelligence to “GET IT”. Without getting it, how do we “GET IT DONE”?

Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay


Emotional Stability is needed in both tough times as well as good times. It enables us to admit mistakes, which are the fertilizer of a better future. Without ego strength, we cannot have the robust discussions that are the garlic of learning, creativity, and innovation. How can we win without adapting to change 24 x 60 x 60 – 996? Not to mean that empathy is not a material factor in leadership, but wearing one’s heart on our sleeves because that is a synonym to being gullibility.

Photo from Harmonyplace.com


Discipline & Diligence. Without discipline and diligence, we just cannot “GET DONE” that which we “GET”.

In tougher and tougher times, we will only make music with leaders who are smart enough to “GET IT”, emotionally stable enough to turn mistakes into fertilizer by being man enough to admit them and bring them to the forefront very early, and disciplined and diligent enough to “GET IT DONE”.



We only have room for those who do!

Engagement & Attention 24 x 60 x 60 – 996 to bring home the gold.