FROM LEFT: PETNET Learning and Development Manager Giselle Amad, Associates Danice Verceles and Armel Abarracoso, and Officer Melcy Capitulo.
FROM LEFT: PETNET Learning and Development Manager Giselle Amad, Associates Danice Verceles and Armel Abarracoso, and Officer Melcy Capitulo.

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PETNET ramps up Learning and Development initiatives

JC Guiang | April 24, 2019

With its 3E Theme of Empower, Enable and Engage, PETNET’s Human Resources Department (HRD) launched its major Learning and Development initiatives for 2019 during the company’s Town Hall and Employee Recognition held on March 22.

Learning and Development Manager Gab Amad and team announced the major improvements for the year beginning with ‘PETNET Always Learning’ (or PAL), an open group in AGORA where PETNET team members can share and get the latest and most relevant learning materials from the members of the organization.

BHeardBox E-signature BannerThe team also introduced a way to improve the HR Department’s engagement through ‘BHeardBox’. A shortened term for Be Heard Box, the platform is accessible to all and encourages feedback to help the HRD team improve its services.

Moreover, PETNET HRD maximizes the use of Google Applications with their Digital Training Calendar that enables ease of access to the available training opportunities.

PETNET’s e-learning platform Eliademy is being used to create relevant online courses wherever they are.

“With our online e-Learning platforms, anyone can access learning materials anytime they need to read up on a new service or product. It will also allow PETNET employees to learn at their own pace,” says Gab.

Lastly, to Empower team members with the necessary competencies for them to succeed, PETNET University was also launched. PETNET University is a learning platform intended to provide structured and systematic learning opportunities to the company’s people through curriculum-based course offerings.

PaletaGab shared, “All our initiatives stemmed from our Paleta principle. Just like a palette, an artist lays and mixes colors to create a perfect masterpiece. We want our employees to have an avenue where they can become a better version of themselves, both as an individual and as a professional.”

The Paleta philosophy is a learning mindset that is centered on continuous, self-driven and highly-blended learning and development.

Wrapping up the program, Gab also released the official website of PETNET University where all projects and initiatives of the Learning & Development team can be accessed.

Through the initiatives of PETNET L&D, we will be able to emerge as an organization that values its people by supporting their growth by means of continual education, allowing them to discover their passion for work, giving them the opportunity to set up their own stage for succeeding in PETNET. As we become prime movers in the financial industry through innovation and competence, our people will feel their part because we will make it known that they are v­alued and relevant.

– Gab Amad, Learning and Development Manager, PETNET