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Republic Cement introduces fly ash for stronger, sustainable structures

Republic Cement PR | April 4, 2019

Republic Cement recently added fly ash to its product portfolio as part of the company’s efforts to utilize industrial by-products as key components in building materials. This is aligned with its thrust towards green manufacturing and supports the government’s “Build, Build, Build” campaign.

Fly ash is the by-product of coal-fired power plants and can be used as a mineral additive in producing concrete. Its reaction with cement results in concrete strength that is at par with industry standards (under a 28-day test). Notably, however, fly ash concrete strength continues to increase even further at later stages.

With its inclusion in the Republic Cement value chain, whether distributed in its original form or co-processed as an additive in cement products, fly ash is diverted from ash ponds, freeing land for more productive use and preventing any soil chemical imbalance. It also entails a reduction in CO2 emissions and higher durability, while reducing water demand in concrete, thereby improving workability. The push of this component has really enabled Republic Cement to pave the way not only for greener cement but also for sustainable concrete.


Sustainability is a top priority for us as we design our product offering. We are always looking for solutions that will not only increase value for our customers but also reduce our environmental footprint

– Nabil Francis, President, Republic Cement Services, Inc.

Republic Cement boasts of trading fly ash that is fully compliant with ATSM 618 standards. Fly ash is tested prior to dispatch at the source, ensuring that only good quality fly ash is served to customers.

Fly Ash is also used by Republic Cement as an additive in Blended Cement Type IP and Type P that improves durability and compressive strength, under the brands Republic Portland Plus, Fortune, Mindanao, and Kapitbalay.

“We are committed to develop the right product for each application to better serve the needs of the Philippine market. Our mission is to build stronger structures for a stronger Republic,” said Francis.