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Republic Cement’s Kapit-Balay Masonry Cement is an envi-friendly choice

Republic Cement PR | April 16, 2019

Republic Cement gathered over a hundred Cebu dealers and retailers at the Maayo Hotel for the launch of Kapit-Balay Masonry Cement, the company’s latest addition to its product line-up. The Type S masonry cement was developed in response to the clamor of the Cebu construction industry for a masonry cement that is both economical and environment-friendly while fulfilling the high-quality standards of its intended purpose.

Utilizing the latest technology, Kapit-Balay Masonry Cement is a Type S high-strength masonry cement optimized for ease of application and adhesion, where mortar masonry is required. This hydraulic cement is designed to be used for plastering, brick or block laying, and block filling with minimal wastage. Utilizing less clinker due to its use of light micro-materials, there is reduced carbon footprint in its production, making it a welcome addition to Republic Cement’s roster of more sustainable, greener cement.



“We are happy to introduce Kapit-Balay Masonry Cement as a solution that will increase productivity for our contractors due to improved workability while providing the flexibility of application since it can be used even for load-bearing walls,” shared Paul Victor Aquino, Republic Cement Services, Inc. Vice President for Commercial.

Sustainability continues to be top criteria for us in conceptualizing and designing our products. We are always looking for solutions that will not only increase value for our customers but also reduce our environmental footprint.

– PV Aquino, Vice President for Commercial, Republic Cement Services

This is a testament to Republic Cement’s commitment to building strong, durable structures and infrastructure that will serve Filipinos, specifically Cebuanos while preserving the beauty of the Philippine islands.

Kapit-Balay Masonry Cement is proudly made in Danao, Cebu and is now available in retailers and hardware stores within Cebu.