EVOLVING COMMUNICATION BEST PRACTICES. Team leaders move forward, move as one, move to enhance, protect and restore the Aboitiz brand.
EVOLVING COMMUNICATION BEST PRACTICES. Team leaders move forward, move as one, move to enhance, protect and restore the Aboitiz brand.

Corporate Center

Reputation Management Forum tackles creating shared value, next era of communication

  • The Forum provided a deeper understanding of shared value, with a view to enhancing implementation and alignment with the business strategy of the organization
  • Participants are expected to gain valuable insights on holistic and robust communication strategies to educate, inform, influence, inspire and engage stakeholders


With the unprecedented growth of the business, it is incumbent upon us to come up with a unifying communication strategy. So, we focus on the ability of communication to be a unifying force and relationship builder.

– Malou Marasigan, VP, Reputation Management, AEV

The Reputation Management Team held its first ever Reputation Management Forum, themed “The Next Era of Communication” at the F1 Hotel in BGC, Taguig City on March 30 and 31.

A full session was dedicated to learning the Creating Shared Value framework with the guidance of Jonathon Hanks, Founder and Managing Director of Incite, a global consulting firm at the forefront of developing shared value strategies for companies. The forum also covered topics on digital communication strategy, stakeholder engagement, risk and crisis communication in social media, and communicating shared value.


Integrated Communication

Junie del Mundo, Managing Director, EON Stakeholder Relations Group; Bong Osorio, PR and Communication Consultant; Yoly Crisanto, SVP for Corporate Communications, Globe Telecoms:

  • Reputation is about building trust; it is how stakeholders feel about us today. Trust facilitates how stakeholders will support us in the future.
  • We have to communicate all the time. Let go of the “faucet philosophy” where we only turn on communication when we need it. Let it flow and choose the best communication channel.
  • Communicate wins consistently, think big (go global), be accessible, be transparent, and inform employees first.


Content Captains and Stakeholder Relations

Lala Rimando, Managing Editor, Forbes Philippines; Budjette Tan, Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldwide Group; Archi Inlong, CEO, NPI Communication Consulting:

  • The media’s stakeholder is the public. The media’s role: watchdog and bridge between different institutions and as a storyteller that provide perspectives and show the big picture.
  • Community stories can become global because of social media
  • Brands don’t just tell — they make their audience feel. We hear stories of brands from families, friends, from various sources and channels.
  • On crisis communications: label it properly because of decisions will depend on what it really is. Recognize if it’s a red flag, a concern, an issue, a controversy, or indeed, a crisis. Crisis or not, Aboitiz should continue to communicate and tell its good story and build trust with its stakeholders.


Communicating in the Digital Age

Mon Lizardo, Head of Digital Media, ABS-CBN; Sebastien Cuadron, Regional Director, Group M:

  • Handle customer complaints fast and smooth in social media.
  • Don’t lead people to an advocacy if what you really want to do is marketing campaign.
  • Test online campaign before handing the automatic control to the users
  • Mobile internet is the new mass media. Organic reach is dead. Push advertising is passé.
  • Stories work: “Tell me a fact, I’ll learn. Tell me a truth, I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”


Creating Shared Value and Green Initiatives

Misha Rabat, Corporate Affairs Specialist, Nestle; Adel Tamano, VP for Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola Philippines; Anda Bolinas, VP for Sustainability, Republic Cement and Building Materials:

  • Nestle’s creating shared value model is related to its business, has value to society, and should be strategic, efficient, measurable and long-term.
  • Reach out to untapped stakeholders like Coca-Cola’s 5by20 program, which aims to empower 5 million women by 2020. Coca-Cola Philippines is targeting 200,000 Filipinas who own small stores.
  • Republic Cement’s total ash management solution provides a sustainable alternative to pozzolan, limestone, and other non-renewable materials. It is the first local cement manufacturer to pioneer this solution and remain the only company to use this alternative material as an additive in the production of blended cement.