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Solid waste management at Seafront Residences and nearby communities

June David | April 16, 2019

AboitizLand’s focus on solid waste management is carried across all its projects. At Seafront Residences, the company took it up a notch by equipping its partners in Barangay Calubcub II, San Juan, Batangas with a mini-dumper and several trash bins to help in ensuring cleanliness not just within the property but in nearby towns as well.

Being driven to create better lives also means finding ways to strengthen its efforts that promote sustainability. The mini-dumper vehicle supports solid waste management initiatives that were started last year through the turnover of a material recovery facility and an information education campaign.


seafront residences solid waste management
Present during the mini-dumper turnover were the members of the LGU of Calubcub II headed by Hon. Mario Perez who received the key from Mr. Carlo Tenerife, AboitizLand CSR Manager.


Anchored on the Aboitiz brand promise of advancing business and communities, AboitizLand puts a priority on the interest of people and the planet by integrating initiatives that complement the development of thriving communities. It remains a frontrunner in envi-sensitive planning, which is how the marine eco-system continues to flourish within the development.

Primarily designed as a second home or a vacation residence, Seafront Residences follows an urban design movement that promotes walkability, connectivity, mixed and diverse types of housing, quality of design, increased density, and sustainability.