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Spreading Mental Health Awareness Among A-People

Gia Mendoza | September 1, 2019

The topic of mental health has been gaining a lot of global attention in the past couple of years. With President Duterte recently signing the National Mental Health Policy into law, a lot of institutions and organizations have been reviewing health benefits and conducting awareness talks in order to help break the social stigma attached to the subject. As always, it begins with taking time to get more educated on the matter just as Aboitiz Equity Ventures has done.

Essentially, Aboitiz recognizes mental health as a part of a person’s entire well-being. In partnership with Maxicare, the company ran a series of learning sessions last July to help A-People gain a better understanding of the illness.


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The events were held at both Taguig and Cebu corporate with resource speakers Dr. Shynney Munar, an expert in the field of psychology, and Marianne Taladua, Registered Psychologist. Both expounded on the topic and shared with the audience the common types of mental illnesses, their symptoms, and how to best way help and be an advocate for those who are suffering from this condition.


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The hour-long talks also touched on how one can maintain a healthy mindset in our everyday lives and capped off with a Q&A where audience members seeking to learn things such as how to deal with loved ones and relatives with mental health conditions and how they can be considerate of the people who suffer from them.

Overall, it was a fruitful learning experience that expanded everyone’s knowledge on the impact of mental health on our everyday lives. The Aboitiz Group is proud to support the holistic needs of its A-People, including mental wellness.