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Stellar – The Aboitiz Recognition Night 2018

Isaac Galang | September 25, 2018

The Aboitiz Recognition Night, one of the most anticipated events in the company, has once again given recognition and appreciation in pursuit of continuous service excellence and merit for the unparalleled loyalty and hard work of our A-People. This year’s theme was aptly called “Stellar” — a word used to refer for “star” as the company shed the brightest light on its team members who are identified as the lifeblood of the organization — recognizing 40 awardees, ranging from 10 years up to 40 years of service from both Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) and Aboitiz Power (AP).

EIA RN CEBU 2018Joining Aboitiz means being a part of one of the country’s most enduring business groups. While we are a family-led organization, our leadership bench includes non-family leaders and executives, ably supported by hardworking and purpose-driven team members. And, together, we are in it for the long haul, working with a family that is committed to advancing business and communities.


– Erramon I. Aboitiz
President and CEO
Aboitiz Equity Ventures

The Aboitiz 2018 Service Awardees



EIA Deck 40 years awardee EIA Deck 35 years awardee EIA Deck 25 years awardee EIA Deck 20 years awardee EIA Deck 15 years awardee EIA Deck 15 years awardee 2 EIA Deck 10 years awardee EIA Deck 10 years awardee 2


The Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence

Aside from the glitz and glamour, this night has been very special as the organization celebrated the 20th year of the Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence (DRAAE), which is considered as the highest and most distinguished recognition given to an individual team member or leader in the Aboitiz Group.

For the past two decades, the DRAAE has paid homage to the awardees’ significant achievements and contributions, regardless of business unit, department, title, or position. Many of our past awardees are here tonight and we are pleased that all of them continue to be testaments to Don Ramon’s enduring legacy over all these years. – EIA

Past DRAAE winners present in the Manila Recognition Night, from left: Ana Aleta (AP), Judd Salas (AEV), Cholo Bernad (AP), Melinda Bathan (AEV), Susan Valdez (AEV), Gabby Manalac (AEV), Dante Pollescas (AP), Francis Cabanban (AEV), Alvin Arco (AP), Manny Rubio (AP)
Past DRAAE winners who attended the Cebu RN, from left: Ricky Llenes (AEV), Alvin Arco (AP), Melinda Bathan (AEV), Rene Ronquillo (CitySavings), Riella Guioguio (RAFI), Nestor Perez (AP), and Iris Dorado (CitySavings)






The Aboitiz Way AEV Team Awards

Aside from the recognition of the service awardees and the celebration of the 20th year of DRAAE, the event was made special as AEV launched and awarded the first batch of winners of the very first Aboitiz Way AEV Team Awards.

From the past 10 years, the Group has always been adapting to the “Inspired by Passion Team Awards” format which highlights the previous brand differentiators. Now, the refreshed format of the team awards gives more focus on the company’s core values: Innovation, Responsibility, Integrity, and Teamwork, which are also the base of the awards’ categories and criteria.

A total of 11 entries vied under various categories for this year. The projects were carefully screened and were further filtered by the panel of judges composed of AEV executives and leaders from various groups and departments.

And the winners are…



The project winner under this category gives recognition to projects that were bold, pioneering move, and projects that are first of its kind for the business unit or the Aboitiz Group. Initiatives that are cutting edge, trendsetting, and truly speaks of innovation.

The Open Parking System from AEV Corporate Admin and AEV Physical Security Assets captured the recognition for this category. The project was able to streamline admin parking process for it was successful in providing convenience to its target users -giving them a platform wherein they can check and reserve parking slots anytime, anywhere. The application uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor the users and is powered by Zoho. With the collected data, project owners were able to analyze available slots and maximize utilization of the parking slots.



Meanwhile, this category seeks of innovation but with the mission to seek continuous improvement–may it be in service, process,  or product. Projects that are characterized by a constant pursuit of service excellence, and promotes efficiency in resource optimization.

AEV Government Relations Team’s Passport-On-Wheels and NBI Project was the clear runaway winner for this category. The project was duly recognized for it was able to achieve the following: first, work productivity was never compromised nor was efficient man-hours wasted, which translated to 331 days of working hours saved. Second, convenience for applicants by bringing the DFA and NBI closer to the A-People, and lastly, fast and efficient processing of applications and overall hassle free exercises, resulting in a satisfied audience.

passport on wheels


Relatively the newest category on the block, it recognizes projects that managed to foster a collaborative atmosphere within teams, inter-CSUs, or across the group. Projects or initiatives that were able to break down silos and made a significant impact to increase team member engagement.

Earning the nod of the panel of judges was the A-Club Program from the AEV Human Resources Team. It was given recognition for its success in establishing an avenue where employees can widen their networks by getting to know more people from various CSUs and BUs.  It also paved the way for the A-People to share their interests and passion with other people. Since its inception, the program was able to recognize 10 A-Clubs who were able to harmoniously work together to create and launch multiple projects for the A-People– projects that are interest-based, and especially, CSR oriented.



The integrity category covers projects that who managed to excel in delivering our promise to our customers and untiring in terms of improving customer service to exceed satisfaction. These efforts were also successful in bringing or expanding our markets and customers.

Innovation in Governance Academy from AEV Government Relations lured the panelists for it was able to design special capability development program that focuses on promoting a culture of innovation and excellence in governance and public management. Through partnering with the public sector, this program was successful in contributing to the individual development by equipping civil servants with the right mindset, knowledge, and skills to articulate policy challenges, develop innovative solutions and interventions, and ensure effective execution.



Completing the new set of categories for the Aboitiz Way AEV Team Awards is responsibility. These are projects that were successful in balancing the interest and involving our stakeholders to ensure that they have a fair share of the value creation we are involved in. Projects that also advocates sustainability and care for our environment.

The winner under this category is the Noble Warrior Support and Engagement Project by AEV Government Relations. This project was effective in empowering wounded soldiers, bringing safety to our troops within and off the battlefield, and providing aid to empower them in completing their missions. The project was also successful in supporting the organization and individual soldiers to rise up again amidst life’s challenges and results brought about by their battles– with technical training and knowledge for sustainable and effective bakery management, hope and new beginnings were instilled once again in the hearts of these people.



Recognition Night belongs to all of us because we make it happen every day by embodying the values that shape our Aboitiz culture and drive our Group’s success. – EIA