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Stitching our way back, still ‘Sew Very Happy’

Kristyl Angela Labiano | June 18, 2019

We are “sew” back!!!

Looking ahead on a new year, the Sew Very Happy Club renewed their A-Club recognition carrying rejuvenated energy to execute amazing and exciting projects for A-People!

Last April 16, the Sew Very Happy Club held its first general assembly in the Aboitiz Corporate Office in Cebu. The gathering included a refresher course — conducted by Anna Cielo Oblianda of AEV Accounting — on the parts of a sewing machine, which helped both present and incoming club members get reoriented with the basics through hands-on exercises.

Sew Amazing!

Ready to digest a piece of information from our learning session? Grab your sewing kit and ready away!

We all know that a sewing machine makes a basic running stitch easier and convenient compared to hand stitching. With two sources of thread, the top needle takes the thread down into the fabric. It is caught and looped via the bobbin apparatus and then pulled back up. The ‘‘feed dog’’ moves it along and the next stitch begins. Every operation is continued again and again. And after several minutes it can now provide a finished product.


New members of the family

The club was al-“sew” happy and privileged to welcome new members this year, with a total of four “sew”-per wonderful individuals from different business units. Yes, you read that right, we have extended membership to all Aboitiz Business Units!

Our new members are Vince Balsicas (Aboitiz Power – Distribution Unit), Faith Jugan, (AboitizLand), Julieta Barangan (both from AboitizLand), and Cherry Romero (Pilmico) are all “sew” ready to learn with us. The club also provided “sew” very special welcome gifts for them.



They say that the way we do things is different now but learning the basics is one of the fundamental ways to enjoy your chosen craft. “Sew” we say ‘YES’ to every challenge! This is just the start of a new year to showcase our passion in this craft and we are eager to learn more! If you are interested to join or attend our sessions, you may contact Agnes Emance (