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Take a break the A-People way

Isaac Galang | June 18, 2019

Despite keeping busy with day-to-day responsibilities, our team leaders and team members from Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) and Aboitiz Power definitely know how to take a break, breathe deep, relax, and have some fun. A movie date and fun at the beach top the list of how we play!


Aboitiz Movie Night 2019

Last April 24, A-People from the Taguig Office were given a chance to see Marvel Studios’ most anticipated movie of the year “Avengers: Endgame” at the Uptown Mall Cinemas. The team members and leaders were able to catch this surefire blockbuster movie on its first showing day.

The movie night organized by the HR team proved to be one of the best bonding times I spent with my youngest son. This is also our 1st time (since we are new) in Aboitiz to be given the chance to view first-hand a blockbuster movie that everyone is excited to watch. I am thankful to the organizers and to our company for coming up with this special activity for the employees! What a way to welcome newbies like me in Aboitiz!

– Mega Curia, AEV

Aside from free movie tickets, employees are also given a chance to bring one companion to the event and they are given freebies such as their food bags, game prizes, and photo souvenirs.


I was surprised that the movie night was going to be that fun and exciting. I really enjoyed the games, the booths, the food (hurray for free popcorn!), and, of course, the free and hassle-free ticket for the most awaited movie. I truly appreciate what Aboitiz did to give us the chance to be one of the first people to watch the movie on its release date. It was indeed a remarkable experience for me as Marvel fan moreover, as an A-Person.

– Emman Magtibay, Aboitiz Foundation

When I first heard that the summer activity was a blocked screening for the Avengers: Endgame, I got so excited because it was something I’ve been super eager to watch. But as an attendee for the first time, I thought the event was just an opportunity to watch the movie together, but what the group delivered was beyond that. It felt more like a bonding experience because of this, and it was a great feeling to see a lot of people who see each other every day, bond together in other ways outside of work.

– Bea Cimafranca, AboitizPower

A fun-filled event under the Cebu sun

Meanwhile, our Team Members and Leaders based in Cebu also had their fair share of relaxation and enjoyment. They have given a day full of fun, activities, challenges, and a full day of access to one of Cebu’s biggest resorts — JPark Waterpark and Resort last May 5.

It has been a tradition for our employees to take time and spend one Saturday to convene, engage, and bond with their teams and catch-up. Activities were designed to allow them to break silos by meeting new people and teaming up with team members from other units.

I am relatively new here in Aboitiz but I am already experiencing lots of firsts as an A-Person! First summer activity, first time as part of the working committee. and first time hosting an Aboitiz event! From those firsts itself, I am living up my favorite expression to just ‘go for it!’. For me, it was a beautiful sight to behold, where tradition meets modern, in a friendly get-together which aims to have fun, relax and strengthen the bond among team members.

– Meccah Jane Santiago, AEV

The Cebu Outing is a great avenue for A-people to acquaint with new employees and also, of course, to continuously interact and connect with present employees – friends. My active participation in previous summer activities was obvious among everyone, except for this year where I was one of the hosts where I was even more delighted. Indeed, there is really fun under the sun!

– Leo Arrabis, AboitizPower



Values in Action

Preparations for these engagement activities can sometimes be daunting and challenging. But with a dash of passion and living the Aboitiz’s values, everything can be possible. For both events, teamwork has come into play as different HR teams from AEV and AP joined forces to mount events for both the Movie Night and the Cebu Outing. It is not always every day that inter-department collaborations happen, so that’s why the core committee capitalized the opportunity to make the events happen. Tasks and assignments get lighter with teamwork!

As part of our #Responsibility and taking our larger role to reduce the use of plastics, both events avoided the use of plastic bottles to quench thirst. A-People then were encouraged to bring their own tumblers for water refills.

These are some efforts where our A-People can showcase living out the values. Here in Aboitiz, we believe that the little things we do, create a better world.