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#Teamwork: The A-Club Program is back!

Erika Tan and Isaac Galang | April 12, 2019

Here in the Aboitiz Group, the fun and enjoyment don’t stop. In support of the mission to provide A-People with a gateway to widen their network and meet new people, the A-Club Program is back on its second year. A total of seven newly formed clubs join the pioneer clubs, making it a bigger community for 2019.


The A-Club Program

Launched in 2018, the A-Club Program was established to open an avenue where A-People can freely develop and share their interests, passion, and talent with other team members under a formal environment while being guided by Teamwork, one of our core values. Such an employee engagement initiative also promotes work-life balance and builds rewarding experiences outside of usual work parameters.

We have decided to expand and open the program to more business units to ultimately achieve one of the project’s biggest goals — to expand our A-People’s network so that they may share their interest with more people outside of their respective business units. This way, we can create larger communities for our employees wherein they can be a part of.

– Zabs Tan-Chong, VP and Strategic HR Business Partner, AEV



New members of the family

Last March, the program went back on the ground and open its doors for club renewal and new applications. After passing and completing the requirements, there were a total of 13 A-Clubs that will be operating for the whole year — six existing clubs renewed their recognition and a total of seven newly recognized organizations.




To get a closer look at our A-Clubs, you may refer to their profile cards below. If you are interested to join these communities, you may  contact their org representatives:


I felt good and excited after hearing that our application was approved. Like any other A-Club, our intention in being recognized under the program is to promote better relations between all of us in the company through a framework of friendship. It also gives us the opportunity to enhance our skills and participate in our social responsibility programs.

– Burn De Guzman, A-Career Mixers


I am very excited for this year! Now I know that I am not alone and can exchange ideas with fellow team members on how to further develop and expand our interest or passion at this time and stage. Who says our interests stop because we think work has overtaken our time? We still can through A-Club!

– Ken Policarpio, Aboitiz Dragon Boat Team


Once Likhaan was recognized, I received emails from other A-People on how thrilled they were to want to join the club. The excitement and positive energy inspired me to make the most out of the opportunity to create with others. It has helped me connect with other team members in a lighter, brighter mood. Finding like-minded craftsy people was a surprise. I’m definitely looking forward to learning, teaching, and creating with everyone!

– Gil Gonzales, Likhaan


When our A-Club [Sew Very Happy] was renewed for the second year, there is the feeling of pride of happiness after receiving the confirmation. This is a way of telling us that our club is contributing, not only to the organization but also to our fellow A-People. We continue to showcase and share our interests to further learn and develop new skills that we discovered last year. It also helps in our self-discovery as well as knowing my co-members’ habits as we get to bond more by doing projects together.

Agnes Emnace, Sew Very Happy Club


Being part of an organization that supports employee related clubs/groups with similar passion is really amazing. We are also glad and blessed that Team SWAG has been renewed for its second year. Through this community, we are able to connect to different people in the organization with different journey and stages in life. By attending this club, we are able to find Community and Care. “Community” that will help us grow in our relationship with God and others. On the other hand, we have also found “Care” where we can find people who will support, encourage, and pray for us, and where we can care for others.

– Nelson Vivar, Team SWAG


2018 Report Card

Since its first year campaign, the first year of the A-Club Program produced quite impressive results. From the unexpected turnout of club applications, up to the number of projects that were launched under the program.


A-Club 2018 Results




Also in 2018, the program was recognized under the very first Aboitiz Way – AEV Team Awards. The A-Club initiative was given a citation for its excellent execution championing the value of teamwork.


A-Club Team Awards


A-Clubs Cebu


A-Clubs Taguig
A-Clubs Taguig




The A-Club program is continuously branching out and extending its doors to other business units under the Aboitiz Group. If you are interested to know more about the initiative, you may contact Isaac Galang of AEV HR. The group is hoping to have stronger and more A-Club members by year 3!