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UnionBank’s PlayEveryday card awards points for “adulting” tasks

UnionBank PR | April 12, 2019

UnionBank’s PlayEveryday card is the first gamified card program in the country that is designed for millennials. The revolutionary product presents a series of “adulting” challenges that make banking a fun, easy, and rewarding experience.

The PlayEveryday card, which comes in debit or credit card form, lets cardholders collect Play Points through their card purchases, downloading the UnionBank Online app, signing up for another PlayEveryday card, and more. It also lets one choose from a dozen avatars to personalize and use when taking each game challenge.




With PlayEveryday, cardholders can:

• Rise up in ranking the more Play Points are collected
• Earn bonus PlayPoints upon reaching the next rank
• Become part of the weekly leaderboards
• Redeem rewards conveniently through UnionBank Online

As they progress and gain bonus points for every milestone passed, a cardholder’s game ranking increases from Rookie to Hall of Famer. There are also secret features that can be unlocked upon reaching high-level ranks and a leaderboard for tracking points against other players.



Once they have collected enough Play Points, they can enjoy reward items instantly via UnionBank Online. The rewards program is tied with over 100 partner merchants where cardholders can exchange points for goods and services.

UnionBank continues to revolutionize with diverse product offerings tailor-fit to the needs of the banking public. For more information, visit playeveryday.unionbankph.com.