Waste To Cash: Hedcor, community find value in 2k kilos of junk

Residents of Barangay Maluko, Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon found an opportunity to earn money from junk lying around in their backyards.

Barangay residents collected a total of 2,000 kilos of recylcable items from their backyards. They turned over 50 kilos of iron scraps, 140  kilos of plastics, 260 kilos of cardboard boxes and paper, 275 kilos of empty plastic bottles, and 948 kilos of glass bottles to Hedcor during the Eco-Market Day organized by the company on July 31, 2017.

Hedcor partnered with a junk shop that bought the recyclables.

Eco-Market Day was meant to make the barangay residents realize the value of waste segregation and recycling.

“Naay mokolekta sa among basura pero talagsa ra gyud. Karon pa gyud sukad-sukad naay ing-ani nga aktibidad sa among barangay. Ug kini nga aktibidad sa Hedcor, daghan kaayo ni’g kapuslanan maong para sa ako, tsada gyud ni kay makatabang na sa pag segregate ug pagkuha sa among mga basura ug makasapi pa mi maskin gamay (Our wastes are seldom collected. This is the first time for us to have this  activity. This Hedcor-organized activity is good for us. It will lessen our waste and allow us to earn even a little).”

-Corazon Tocmohan, resident

Residents have not sold their recyclables because they had to travel all the way to Cagayan to find a junk shop that would accept them.

As part of the activity, Hedcor Bukidnon conducted also an information and education campaign on Republic Act 9003 or the “Solid Ecological Waste Management Act” to explain to the residents the mandatory segregation of solid wastes from households.

“Thanks to the assistance from Hedcor, our implementation of the RA 9003 has been reinforced. Our people will be ready to turn over their recyclables in times of activities like Eco-Market Day,” said Ma. Gorretti Salise, Maluko Barangay Captain.

Hedcor’s Eco-Market Day aims to promote environmental awareness by encouraging residents of host communities to properly segregate their wastes and collect those that can be reused or recycled. By doing so, the Hedcor fosters a mindset that adheres to the Aboitiz Group purpose of driving change for a better world.

Barangay Maluko, Manolo Fortich is one of the host communities of Hedcor Bukidnon’s 68.8-MW Manolo Fortich Hydro Project. Within the third quarter of the year, the 43.4-MW Manolo Fortich Hydro 1 and the 24.4-MW Manolo Fortich Hydro 2 will simultaneously power up the island of Mindanao.