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Weather Solutions and Packetworx collab for weather data improvement

Jam Salazar | October 17, 2018

Weather Solutions, the first weather-centric social enterprise in the Philippines, is now using the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve its weather network, integrating improvements in the field of weather forecasting and weather data consumption.

With the complexities of severe weather conditions happening in the Philippines, it is high time for an enhanced system that will help both businesses and communities through highly accurate weather data. This is the goal of the recently signed partnership established between Weather Solutions and Packetworx, a technology social enterprise focused on enabling IoT in the Philippines and helps businesses make better decisions.  

IoT involves connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices. It is a “network of things” that sends, receives, and collects information.




The two social enterprises are partnering to establish a network that will provide accurate weather data, which Weather Solutions will be forwarding to its clients and stakeholders. Through highly accurate weather data, businesses and communities can reduce the risk that severe weather poses on their assets. Whatever the season is, weather affects societal aspects such as demand for certain goods and services. As many businesses operate in geographically diverse locations, knowing weather patterns enables an organization to maximize gains and mitigate risks. Being weather-inclusive is therefore now seen as a necessity to raise financial performance. 




Through the signed memorandum of agreement between Weather Solutions and Packetworx, the latter is providing 37 lightning sensors. These sensors will be installed in the coming months and will detect the presence and approach of potentially hazardous lightning activity in the vicinity and provides an estimation of the distance to the head of the storm. The embedded lightning algorithm checks the incoming signal pattern to reject the potential man-made disturbers. This will eventually improve Weather Solutions’ forecasting capabilities.