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Welcome aboard your Aboitiz journey

Gia Mendoza | July 15, 2019

What if you were given the chance to spend a full morning to meet your fellow new hires in Aboitiz and, at the same time, get up close and personal with the COO?

Entering a new work environment can be daunting and scary. Not a few thoughts pop in your head: How do you meet new people? How do you get in touch with fellow new hires? Who are the leaders of the company? Are they nice and approachable? These questions and more will be answered in a newly launched program called Welcome Aboard: Conversations with Sabin Aboitiz.

The program is a way of welcoming new hires into the Aboitiz family with a new environment and new adventures in the workplace through a bi-annual forum that allows them to get up close and personal with Sabin Aboitiz, Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) Chief Operating Officer.



The kickoff event last June brought together new hires from Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Aboitiz InfraCapital, Aboitiz Foundation, WeatherPhilippines, and Weather Solutions.


We want our new hires to feel engaged and valued from the moment they on-board with the company. We believe this initiative will instill a sense of belonging and create an experience that is more personal in getting to know the Aboitiz way and culture from the COO.

– Zabs Tan Chong, VP Strategic HR Business Partner, AEV



The new team members had a genuine and personal encounter with Sabin, getting to know other new hires from AEV and AEV-managed companies. The program started with an ice breaker for the attendees to introduce themselves to each other, which was followed by a short introduction and welcome by the Corporate HR Team.


The best thing about Welcome Aboard? The opportunity for genuine connections–not just with my fellow new hires, but even with SMA himself. I love being part of a company that prizes forming relationships that go beyond meetings, deadlines, and projects!

– Dana Macarilay


I was a bit timid during the start of the event, but the organizers, hosts, and my fellow new hires really set the mood and excitement of the event. This really is something every new hire needs to experience.

– James Buzon



The bulk of the session was a question and answer portion where they were able to ask Sabin anything under the sun– from business to life outside of Aboitiz. He also shared some company updates and valuable insights during the session.

It was a morning of meeting new A-People, having fun, learning from and having an intimate conversation with one of the revered leaders of the Aboitiz Group.

Once again, welcome aboard to our new A-People!






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